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  1. samisunshine87's Avatar
    that's so true beautiful and encouraging!!! We need reminded of that every now and again
  2. bsulliv3's Avatar
    I have two is 7 years younger and the other is 10 years younger. We are best friends and have always been close. So I think it'll be ok
  3. Loquita_Leona's Avatar
    So true
  4. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Such a beauitful story janeen!!! Congrats on #2 on the way! H& H 9 months to you and baby!!!
  5. Storm08's Avatar
    Love this!! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. JaneenRice's Avatar
    Well said. God is so Faithful. When I was at my lowest point after two losses I still knew that HE was in control and had a good plan for my life. He has given me peace that surpasses all understanding and I am now expecting #2. I refuse to live in fear but to Glorify the one that has created me.
  7. Clwitt23's Avatar
  8. Ms1stAnd4Most's Avatar
    Thanks for the post! Its a great reminder.... and we also have to remember to lean not onto our own understanding and to trust in his timing! His timing is impeccable and the blessings are coming!
  9. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Thank you! I know God will bless us all soon!
  10. MsBrownie25's Avatar
    I know how you feel, I thought fa sure, we would be using are daughters infant crib, and her changing table by now, the changing table is a good book case for her lil books, but it's definitely not how i envisioned it to be used. So keep your head up, Our time will come...cheer up
  11. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Thank you Kalia we all deserve vacation every now and then
  12. KailaRose's Avatar
    I hate days like that...
    Enjoy ypur vacation. You deserve it!!!
  13. Patd's Avatar
    I just wanted to say good luck. I've gone from medicated ttc to non-medicated ttc to back to medicated a lot during the past 3 1/2 years. Sometimes our energies or wallet just need a break. That being said, my OBGYN had me on Femara for over a year with absolutely no monitoring. It currently isn't that expensive (it used to be though) to buy Femara and I don't see why you would "have" to be monitored unless you choose to be. Maybe you should talk to another doctor.
  14. CaseBowYaKnow's Avatar
    I really needed your encouraging words. Thank you so much!!
  15. Youngall's Avatar
    says it all
  16. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Thank you girls!!!! You girls are always on my mind too bc I know were all in this together, were like a fam in a way!! Hehe . Praying for you girls to get your bfp and find peace and happiness!!

    Desperate- nothing you said was stupid!! I know you say your not a BIG believer but I promise you if you keep praying and "trying" to believe like your doing now that you will find peace and comfort and he is taking time to make you a precious baby and he will bless you with him or her when the time is perfect I believe we will all be blessed soon!! Keep yalls
    heads up and GL and loads of baby dust .

    Thanks again girls for love and support!! I'm going to keep up with all you girls! I need to see some bfp from my SC
  17. Kimberly2313's Avatar
    Good Luck girl. All you ladies are always in my prayers. And your 100% right it will happen when he wants it to.
  18. desperateforababa's Avatar
    Im Sorry you are not continuing meds but who says that us PCOS'ES have to be on medication to achieve the baby we so desperatley want. Im so sorry but im not a big believer in God but i sometimes say a prayer for me and my Fiance and our future baby some people say im stupid for saying a prayer but i just ignore them saying if you were in my shoes maybe you would understand why i do the things i do. I know it sounds a bit stupid but i always think the reason i havent got a baby yet is because God is taking his time creating my baby so he gave me PCOS so when i do have a baby it will be the most perfetct baby i have ever seen. Stupid huh LOL. Not to me its not. So whether it be medicated or not you will get your BFP there are many things out there such as Soya Isoflavones that work the same as Clomid that will get you pregnant so always be optimistic it will happen. Saying a Prayer for you.

    *Baby Dust*
  19. Youngall's Avatar
    ahh sorry chicken but onwards to a fresh new start heres to round 2 and praying for that big fat postive this time xxdont worry next month is your month i feel it
  20. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Char- sorry y'all are having such a hard time too!!! Y'all Bern ttc way longer with me and dealt with a m/c and I'm sorry!! It's nice knowing other women can relate but stinks at same time!!!! GL to you

    Young- AF arrived this morning!! on to round 2
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