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  1. again... no insurance but need help ASAP!

    I am also without insurance. I was diagnosed about 5years ago with PCOS. I have to get to a doctor ASAP but am afraid they will want to do all the test over again for the PCOS. I have been bleeding very,very heavy for over three months now. Before I was prescribed Birthcontrol to control my bleeding then later clomide when I had insurance. Never have I been prescribed Metformin. I recently went to planned parenthood to atleast get on birthcontrol again to stop the bleeding but had have high blood ...

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  2. Need help & without insurance!

    [Beckett] 1:09 am: Hello, I am here for help. Im am a 30 year old female with pcos and NO insurance. I have been to a few doctors payed in
    cash and they still have not help control the problems I am having due to my pcos. This is TMI but I have been bleeding VERY HEAVY for over
    three months straight now and need some help ASAP! Does anyone have any info on where I could go maybe ASAP for medical help with this
    issue.... with out having insurance?