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  1. My Birth Story, Part 2

    I ended up going to sleep and was sure that the epidural was what I needed to get things moving. I got up to a 5 but was stuck there, and my daughter's heart rate was dropping dangerously. At that point I was emotionally and physically spent, and the last thing I wanted, even less than a C-section, was for my daughter to be in danger. That was what ultimately made me sign the consent form. I wasn’t about to lose my baby.

    They did the C-section 27 hours after my water broke, and ...
  2. My Birth Story, Part 1


    It has been a long time since I've been very active on here, so even though my daughter is 14 months old now (seriously, how did that happen?), I wanted to share my story. It's long so I understand if you don't read it lol.

    My story really starts with my whole journey of infertility. My husband and I tried for over 2 years to get pregnant. After a year of trying, I decided to seek out help and found out that I have PCOS. After trying metformin and having a severe ...
  3. Some more helpful information (re: How I Beat PCOS)

    Yesterday I posted the blog about how I beat my PCOS after finding out my symptoms were due to yeast. (See blog for that info - it's titled "How I Beat PCOS.")

    I just wanted to post this followup really quick because I believe it's very valuable information. If you take the yeast quiz (see below) and find out you likely have a yeast issue, and if you live in the United States, you can go to this website to find a doctor who will treat you for it: ...
  4. How I Beat PCOS

    I wanted to post this in my blog because I feel a lot of women in here could benefit from this. I do have this info on my profile already and have posted in the forums about it as well (and in separate blog entries) but I wanted to post a single entry about it so that more people might see it. I feel many women could benefit from this information.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in early 2010. I finally conceived for the first time in January 2011 after TTC for close to ...
  5. My ultrasound picture, as promised (yes I know it's late)

    Hey guys, here's my ultrasound pic I promised in my last post. Sorry for the delay!


    Baby says hello!

    This was at 11 weeks 5 days, and I'm now 12 weeks 4 days.
  6. Another Update (finally!)

    Hey everyone, I haven't updated my blog in ages! I don't know how many actually read my posts, but thanks to those who do and comment!

    So much has happened since I last posted. I charted my BBT for the first time ever in October, and I got pregnant that month! Because of my previous miscarriage I had been terrified when we were TTC, but as soon as I saw the positive test I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and that everything would be okay. I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant! ...
  7. Update

    So it turned out my period was a week late. I ended up starting on September 9th, which was my husband's and my 5th wedding anniversary - happy anniversary to me.

    I'm doing okay. I was a little frustrated over AF showing. I thought I'd be more upset about it, but I think I've finally resigned myself to the fact that God is in control, whether I like it or not! Seriously though, God's plan for me is INFINITELY better than my plan for me. I had to write that on a Post-It note and ...

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  8. So confused!!

    So I am now on day 33 of my cycle and still no sign of AF. I've had 28-29 day cycles since April, so it's out of the ordinary for me.

    I've taken 3 pregnancy tests. The first one I took on day 26 of my cycle and got a VERY faint line, and several members on here agreed with me that there was definitely a line. The next 2 tests I took, one on day 28 and one on day 31, were both clearly negative. I am so confused!

    My endocrinologist is supposed to be calling me today for ...
  9. The Waiting Game

    Hi all,

    It has been a busy month! Between our new exercise plan, work, and spending time with family and friends, I haven't had much of a chance to write. I'm happy to report I've lost 23 pounds so far!

    I am currently in the 2-week waiting period to see if this is our month for a BFP! I've had some implantation symptoms but I'm trying not to let myself get too excited until I actually take a test this weekend. I'm a little anxious for Saturday, but I know that no matter ...
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  10. A Quick Update

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to update you on what's been happening! I'm now down 15 pounds since April, and my periods are still 28-29 days long without hormones! I am ovulating regularly, which is great! Unfortunately, I did not become pregnant in June, but I attribute this to the stress of traveling and from getting a bad stomach virus. Stress is not very conducive to conception! So, we are now on month 2 of trying to conceive since the miscarriage.

    I had my testosterone and ...
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