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  1. Periods Are Great But What About That Not So Fresh Feeling?

    My last period post boasted about how wonderful it was to become a part of the sisterhood of menstruating women and for the most part this is still true. However, there are also some (how do I go about breaking this subject in gently?) not so pleasant side-effects of this new ritual that I now have to deal with. What I mean by this is that I never really had to deal with the “not so fresh feeling” before because for the most part my, a-hem…chemistry was left unchanged (with the exception of sex). ...
  2. Metformin....take two!

    Almost two months ago, my GYN prescribed me metformin. I’ve been holding onto the Rx because I wasn’t sure how I felt about going back on it. My first experience with it was about seven years ago when I was fifty pounds heavier, sedentary and existed primarily on carbohydrates and sugar-filled foods. As you can imagine the side effects under those conditions were awful (sparing everyone the details here), so I was hesitant to want to jump right into that again, even though my lifestyle choices ...
  3. Getting Used to Periods - Again!

    I haven’t had “normal” periods since I was 14 – I’m now 38 and just started to get them again regularly and I had to laugh at just how unfamiliar I am with them. Yes, I have forgotten just what the symptoms are like and I find myself examining everything to make sure that I am “normal.” It’s hard to remember what it was like those 20 plus years ago, did I get painful cramps? How long did they last? Were my breasts ever sore? How long were my cycles?

    I make notes every month now.
  4. "Rules" for Practicing a Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet

    I get lots of questions in the forum threads about how to practice a ketogenic diet properly and thought that it might be beneficial to explain the “rules” here. There are a few basic rules that must be followed in order to maintain a ketogenic state, which is what we are ultimately after.

    I’ll briefly explain why it is important to maintain ketosis. If you are interested in reading a more in-depth description, Dr. Michael Eades does a fantastic job of explaining it on his blog
    Using food to heal
  5. My Journey to Free Myself From Insulin Resistance

    I have always had a reasonable sense of what proper nutrition was and I’ve never given in to any of those fad diet pill gimmicks advertised on TV. I’ve followed Weight Watchers, cut my daily caloric intake to 1,200 calories, eaten rice cakes, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, everything low-fat and at 237 pounds, my weight would never budge. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. This is how it has been my entire life – until I started exercising. I exercised every day, sometimes two hours ...

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  6. Nervous about tomorrow

    I'm scheduled for a repeat HSG tomorrow, but this time it will be done with a laparoscopy. Also, they are going to look around and see how everythiong looks. If they are correct and my tubes are blocked, that will be the end of trying for me as IVF is not an option for us. I'm nervous and apprehensive as even if it is minor day surgery, it is still surgery. I'm hoping that the lap shows that the tubes are not blocked, but with everything that PCOS has thrown at me it would just be one more thing ...
  7. Advice ladies!

    Okay ladies, I need some advice, sorry if this is TMI or too long, I
    will try to make it short. Basically, unless I am on BC (which I can't
    take because it made me crazy and have been off of for years.) I don't
    have a cycle. I get one, once a year, and that was it. Well, I got one
    in November, then I started researching and started trying young living
    essential oils, and got a period two weeks after I started them in Feb.
    then the end of may, I spotted very
  8. Ugh, I hate questionable results

    Well, I had an HSG last Monday. Tech and doctor said everything looked good. Had my follow-up yesterday to speak to the doc. Now I'm hearing that they may or may not have been any spillage on either side. The one side looked to have minimal from what he said, but they were not sure. I'm now going to redo the HSG, but while having a diagnostic laparoscopy. Not sure when this will happen, but that is something I'm not overly looking forward to. One good thing about having the laparoscopy is that they ...
  9. 2ww

    This wait is killing me. I triggered on Friday the 13th. I am wondering if I could start testing are is it to soon?
  10. Follistim

    Today is the third day I take 100 IU of Follistim. I have a doctors appt. tomorrow. I am a nervous I have never been on any fertility shots before and I so scared this won't work.
    If any one has taking follistim has it worked for you?
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