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  1. Stressed

    Some people just don't understand other peoples struggles. I keep questioning myself when will it be my turn.
  2. Getting assertive with my GYNO..

    Well there I was, sitting in the waiting room of my first GYNO's office for the third time, after getting virtually no where with her previously ... I felt a little high and mighty this time, reading over and over my little written list of issues I was going to ask about and dammit I was going to have them addressed! I was going to be assertive and direct and thoroughly educated on the subject!

    What I got was a mixed bowl of results I suppose. On one hand, She was willing to hear me ...
  3. Starting a bit of a diary here...

    This is really just for me to keep track of what I'm learning and working on but of course its open to the public and any advice/support is always welcome

    I don't have periods at all. I haven't for years. I had one random natural and very heavy period about two years ago and that's the only time I can remember having a period on my own since I was about 15 when they stopped for good after being irregular for some years. I have lived fairly symptom free to be honest. I'm terrified
  4. "PCOS: My (Personal) Journey with Ovarian Cysts" is here!

    After much soul searching, I decided to publicly share my personal story.

    My hope is that this book will (1) be reassuring to other women who have PCOS, (2) help undiagnosed women to recognize the symptoms and (3) increase public awareness.

    The Kindle version is available now, and the paperback is on the way.
    small cover pic.jpg

    Check it out at

    Amazon Prime members can borrow it for up ...
  5. Insulite???

    Has anyone taking Insulite and if so has it worked for you? Trying to see if its worth it are just a waste of money.
  6. My Birth Story, Part 2

    I ended up going to sleep and was sure that the epidural was what I needed to get things moving. I got up to a 5 but was stuck there, and my daughter's heart rate was dropping dangerously. At that point I was emotionally and physically spent, and the last thing I wanted, even less than a C-section, was for my daughter to be in danger. That was what ultimately made me sign the consent form. I wasn’t about to lose my baby.

    They did the C-section 27 hours after my water broke, and ...
  7. My Birth Story, Part 1


    It has been a long time since I've been very active on here, so even though my daughter is 14 months old now (seriously, how did that happen?), I wanted to share my story. It's long so I understand if you don't read it lol.

    My story really starts with my whole journey of infertility. My husband and I tried for over 2 years to get pregnant. After a year of trying, I decided to seek out help and found out that I have PCOS. After trying metformin and having a severe ...
  8. Ttc#2

    Hello all, after my first child was born my PCOS was long forgotten about until my hair started falling out ,the dark blemish became more visible and I gained 35 lbs from my pregnancy. At the age of 38 My husband and I decided that we want more kids, before I turn 40.

    My first time TTC took me about a year , year on met and one dose of clomid. Its my second time and now I want to take the same steeps to get pregnant.I'm back on metfromin, I lost over 30 lbs taking it. Its my ...
  9. Feeling good!

    well over the past 23 years its been full of ups and downs (not completely over PCOS). all the problems iv had to deal with all the side effects of PCOS. its been a whirlwind but today im feeling great really good i havint been on a high like this in ages ....****FEELING GREAT ****....
    all girls share your feelings here.
    hope your all having a good day.
    even if your not still share. x
  10. Emily's Baby Journey

    I have always dreamed about having a baby. However, due to financial strife and this phenomenon called PCOS, I have not yet had one and I am getting close to my 30's
    Thankfully my luck finally came around and I landed a decent job with acceptable health insurance. Last month I started my first round of Clomid plus ovidrel to trigger. I ovulated one good eggie but got a BFN I am now on month two of 150 mg. Clomid and I go in next week for the trigger shot. Our plan is ...
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