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  1. Moving forward

    Sometimes I feel like I'm going through this impossible journey with impossible expectations and I feel so alone. I don't even think my own husband can sympathize with me because he wouldn't know what it feels like to be a woman with a deep desire to have another child, and then knowing that YOU are the reason you can't makes it 100X worse. Each month gets a little harder and this month is no exception. It's at the point where I don't even want to test in 4 days because I know what the outcome ...
  2. Finishing 7th Clomid cycle, if negative going for the hail mary!

    Making the decision to move to IVF is a decision we originally said no to...

    I'm going to be doing this a little bit differently. I'm writing my blog, then I'm asking my husband to put in his comments throughout as he can help explain his side of the story if he chooses too!!

    We started this journey back in December 2013 (when we were diagnosed with PCOS after trying on our own for over a year). I kept putting off going to the doctor because the first few months we ...
  3. Love

    Today was by all accounts a really bad day. Or it really should have been...

    The explanation begins yesterday. My husband's company had an event at a baseball game last night. My husband, my kids and my brother all went with me. I told my husband he could get a beer at the game (at $4 a pop!). Imagine my surprise when he comes back with two... they were BOGO. He was going to give one away but I said he could drink it and I would just drive home. Well we had forgotten that I ...
  4. Mixed Emotions

    These last few days have been a bit confusing for me. I found out that I actually ovulated this last cycle and while I am completely overjoyed at the news, I have also felt sad and let down, which completely took me by surprise. I mean, I would think that the only feeling there would be room for is total euphoria Ė after all this is the moment that Iíve been waiting for, right?

    Iím writing this post because I am over the moon with excitement at the possibility of becoming a mother
  5. Secondary Infertility - It's real. It's REAL HARD!

    I woke up this morning, filled with hope and excitement as I was getting ready to test. Cut to a few minutes later when I'm hysterically crying in my bed - again. Yeah, this is an average day dealing with infertility. Most days are good, some are great. Then there are the days where I don't want to face anyone. That would be today. But seeing I'm on vacation with my beautiful family, I will push through. Secondary infertility is hard because when you have kids, you continue on. It's a blessing ...
  6. Abbreviations I may use in my blog

    Most women reading this will know all the key terms, but I am also sharing this with my Mom (HEY MOM!!!!) and a few friends who know our journey ( <3 ) and may not know abbreviations/terms.

    PCOS = Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (google it!)
    Clomid = Oral medication taking to help stimulate follicle growth
    Trigger = A shot of Ovadril that forces you to ovulate the follicle
    Follicle study = An ultrasound performed on specific days to monitor the growth of your ...

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  7. Hurry up and wait! A long lesson on patience.

    It is Monday, August 4th AKA cycle day 9 for me. I've never had to explain this to anyone before, except my wonderful hubby last month. We have literally been trying to have a baby for over two years now, and apparently when I told him that cycle day 1 starts on the FIRST day of your period, it was news to him. Well now he knows, and maybe it will make it easier for him to stay in the loop, lol. My baseline ultrasound looked good, no cysts so that was exciting! Although I'm pretty sure the ...
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  8. Making Progress

    Iím excited! Iím currently on cycle day 19, heading into my fifth menstrual cycle. It seems surreal to me even as I write this. Iím not sure if I have ovulated during any of these cycles, so I thought it would be a good start to at least try out (reluctantly) OPK test strips. Iíve used them in the past and never got a clear result. Couple the results that were all over the place with the expense of the test strips and you can see why I ditched them pretty quickly.

    It seemed to

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    Using food to heal
  9. My TTC/PCOS/INFERTILITY journey. Up's and Downs. Part TWO!!

    So now you know the background story. That was the bliss part of everything, that was EASY. Isn't it so true when they say "you don't know what you have until it's gone." Who knew the ability to conceive was an ability I was able to lose... Here's my REAL journey now...

    My husband and I had started actively TTC #3 in the middle of 2012. I was temping, taking OPK's (ovulation predictor kits), timing intercourse. In the middle of trying (I don't have exact dates, sorry) ...
  10. My TTC/PCOS/INFERTILITY journey. Up's and Downs. Part ONE!

    I am a huge fan of many women on youtube who are brave enough to document their infertility journey via vlog's. This is my first Blog ever, and I'm not even sure I plan on keeping it up. Hi everyone! I'm Erin, I'm 28. I have the best husband a girl could ever have, Cory - he's 32. We have been married for 5 years and have had a busy and exciting time together! We are proud parents to my son Jaeden - 7 (previous relationship, and very long story) and Ariella - 4. Yes I was young when I had ...
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