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So after we lost baby Isaac at 5 months in Aug, we decided to try again --- went to the doctors to find out my blood work showed a BFP , O the excitement -Then came the news after weeks of HCG monitoring- my levels were not rising right and my ultrasounds showed nothing in my uterus -my doctor was 99 % sure it was an ectopic pregnancy ---- so now we cant TTC for at least 3-4 months and that's only if the Methotrexate works and we dont need additional shots --- after going in 2x a week for blood work after the shot I found out my levels finally dropped the 20% they were hoping for --- Please keep me in your prayers !!! Here's to hoping and praying for things to continue going on a positive path (HCG Lowering) after so much negative !! I pray for all my cysters to never have to go through what we have -LOTS OF BABY DUST TO YOU ALL !!! and for those who have gone through something similar I pray for HEALING !!

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  1. A.Marie's Avatar
    I am so sorry your going through this. I hope everything goes as planned and you get your BFP soon!! You will be in my prayers!!
  2. Clwitt23's Avatar
    I am so sorry for all that y'all have been through!! Y'all will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!
  3. HopefulNessa's Avatar
    Ty so much - Its been a real hard journey ! I really appreciate your prayers .