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Tina Castle

Back to the Fertility Center!!!

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It's been awhile since I updated my blog on here. Since November 2011 I've dropped a whopping 40 pounds. I still don't eat or drink anything with sugar in it and I've incorporated solid foods into my diet, somewhat. The gallstones make eating food and even drinking water beyond uncomfortable. I finally have a surgeon who will preform the removal surgery regardless of my weight, but gastroenteorology is a very busy field. Plus the place I'm going through requires a refferal through my primary physician and OMG, that was a pain trying to get them to do that.

So now I'm in an interesting position. I have an appointment with my OBGYN in March. Well I wanted to get an ultrasound to see if my cysts have shrunk and if my lining has cleared out since being on birth control pills, but my goodness simply requetsting an ultrasound has been a whirlwind experience for me.

My OBGYN is really a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Yes, the secret is out, lol. He operates as an OBGYN here in Sacramento because UC Davis moved all the fertility centers here in the city and I believe in Redding also to Davis, Ca. Geez, I hope I'm not being confusing. So anyways he can do OBGYN stuff here in Sacramento, but anything fertility related has to be sent to Davis. Now why they pulled all the fertility clinics out of here I really don't get it, but California is so broke and discombobulated it makes perfect sense. My doctor specializes in PCOS and has done major studies on this syndrome. Just google: Dr. Antoni Duleba. He's a good man and if it weren't for him I wouldn't have lost all this weight at all.

So my doctor wants to see me at the fertility clinic in Davis (California IVF Davis) for my ultrasound to check my ovaries and lining mid-February. I feel like I'm being sent to a buffet and told I can't eat anything. He doesn't know that I've lost all this weight (I haven't said a thing) and when I went to this same fertility clinic before in June 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS and told to lose weight and my fertility would return. I didn't like being brushed off like that because I don't believe even if I was skinny that I'd be a fertile mertle.

When my periods were "regular" they came every 35-60 days. Extremely LONG cycles that indicate late ovulation (and I was ovulating at least some of the time when I was 18 y/o and younger). That right there indicates that my body is letting my egg sit in the follicle for too long and when it's released it's too old to be viable. When I did my 2 Clomid rounds back in 2010-2011 I wasn't ovulating until after CD 25. The RE I saw at the fertility clinic told me that ovulation that happens after CD 22 is more than likely a bad egg. And my luteal phase is just 12 days (which I also found out during my Clomid rounds) which is like borderline to a luteal phase defect.

So I'm wondering if I should push the idea of fertility treatments onto my doctor when I go. I believe the proper course of treatment for me to get pregnant when I do start TTC again would be to at least have a trigger shot to push the egg out while taking Clomid and having ultrasounds to check my progress that cycle. I might even ask to try Gonal-f or Follistim to make sure the egg(s) is/are maturing at the correct speed. I'm also going to request progesterone cream (vaginal suppositories) to help with my somewhat short luteal phase.

I'm on birth control pills right now so no I don't have baby fever. I just want to come correct when I TTC again. I think with my Clomid rounds the sperm met up with an egg that was too old and it just dissolved itself and my period came or at least I hope that's what happened. However I've never had a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage so that's probably not the case, but the human body is so mysterious sometimes who knows what went on in there especially since my rounds were unmonitored. Anyways I now realize that my body just needs a little push (more aggressive treatments). I don't see what my weight has to do with my eggs being relased too late. I'm also taking Metformin so if my insulin levels were affecting my follicle growth that won't be the case next time around.

Besides that I've just been busy working. I'm happy that this new year has been good to me. Oh and since cutting sugar completely out of my diet my acanthosis nigricans has disappeared!!!! I'm so happy about that it's gone. I've been plauged with these brown unsightly patches of skin since age 12. It's amazing what a diet and lifestyle change can do. I'm also restricting my carbs too and that's helping with my PCOS belly go down.

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