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Back on Met and Aunt Flow's Return

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I went to see my gynecologist for my annual exam on Monday. It was the first time I'd seen her since my 6-week postpartum checkup in 2010. It was totally overdue, but I wanted to wait until I was done breastfeeding (finished January 1st) before going back. Anyway, it was really nice to see her. I have the nicest doctor I have ever met and I recommend her to all of my friends and family. The exam was really quick and painless. When it was over she asked if I had any questions or concerns and I asked if I could go back on metformin now that I'm done breastfeeding. She said it would be no problem as a start up, but she doesn't want me to stay on it forever. I don't really want to be on it forever either. Last time, I took it for over a year and lost about 35 pounds. I went off of it when I started feeling like I didn't need it anymore. I was eating healthier on my own and my periods were regular and a month later I found out I was pregnant. I was really surprised though, after she ordered my prescription, when she told me that she doesn't believe we're all meant to be thin. She said that aside from the PCOS, I'm really quite healthy for someone of my size (270 lbs) and while it would be nice for me to lose some weight, she doesn't want me to stress out about it. I know most doctors would NEVER say something like that to someone who is obese like me, but it just felt good to have her support. I think she just doesn't ever want me to feel like I'm failing.

I was a little scared to pick up my prescription. I walked around the store for an hour before I finally went to the counter. Since we don't have insurance (husband lost his job this month), I was afraid that the price would be astronomical. All the worry was for nothing though. A three month supply (generic) ended up costing me just $10! I was shocked! When I did have insurance, it cost me $5/month! I'm actually paying less now.

I started the metformin on Tuesday with lunch. I had a sub sandwich from Jimmy John's... bad idea! I knew that metformin and subs were bad for my tummy, but I didn't think about it before I ate. Warning: TMI AHEAD! Ugh... my first dose of met was rough on the bowels. About two hours after I ate, I was hit with a serious case of diarrhea. I went three times in an hour and it was not pretty. I think my back actually cracked during one of my trips to the bathroom. Gross. I guess I'll be avoiding sandwiches again! Regular sliced bread seems to be fine. There's just something about big sub sandwiches that don't agree with the metformin... probably all the bread. All of my other doses of met have been fine since then.

Yesterday, after a 69 day wait, AF finally showed up! It's only my second period since having my daughter in September 2010. I'm thinking it's just coincidence that it showed up just days after starting my metformin, but maybe it helped a little. Maybe? I don't know. This period is giving me a lot more trouble than usual... back pain, cramps, headache, and mood swings. I'm usually fine. Ugh. While it isn't the best I've felt, I'm definitely glad it's here. At least my body is doing something. We are waiting to TTC until my husband gets a new job, but I want to make sure things are running smoothly, so to speak, before then!

Well, I better get going. I'm meeting a friend in about in hour to hit the gym again! I'll have to take it easy tonight with these cramps, but something is better than nothing!

P.S. I'm down a pound and a half since Monday! Yay!

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  1. TTCwithhope's Avatar
    Nice going I'm happy u saw AF and hoping the met works as well for you as it does for me !
  2. sweetdaisy's Avatar
    yay for you! i just started met today an im trying to prepare myself for those evil side effects lol..i'm praying met will regulate my cycles since i havent had one in a really long time...then helps me get preggo do you have any tips or advice for trying met for the first time?
  3. moonbirdies's Avatar
    Its awsome to have Dr that is supportive. Mine is so laid back and never has said a thing. What all are you doing to loose wieght?
  4. jmerc2010's Avatar
    I hope he gets a new job! And I am glad your met was cheap! Thats awesome! I can't take it no matter what! It makes me so ill!
    I will be praying that your husband gets a new job, and things start flowing smoothly for you!