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Overwhelmed to say the least ....

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I was diagnosed in 2009 with having PCOS all the efforts have failed. I have tried metformin, but it makes my stomach cramp. I am NOT good with pills anyway. I am NOT trying to get pregnant because I already have a beautiful son whom takes up all my time. He is 7 and is extremely disabled. I need all my energy for him and most days I barely have enough energy to feed him and change him let alone anything else. I want to lose 48 pounds to reach my ideal BMI of 24. I also want to restore my hormones and adrenal glands to a normal balance. Besides being over weight one of my top issues is that I am to tired all the time. The others would be the intense sugar/carb cravings that I have. Sometimes just a little bite to try to make it go away really triggers it worse. Most days if I give in to it I can't stop until I have literally made myself sick. I currently weigh 220 pounds and I am about 5"11. I suffer from other ailments which makes dieting very difficult. I really just want real solutions. The Obgyn/endocrinologist that I see ... the only solution to this is that I should be on birth control since there is no reason I should have a period at my age and the fact I am not wanting kids. What a bunch of crock.. There has to be something I can do since the diet they recommend is really hard to follow. Low carb what the heck does that mean? I need a better more laid out plan. something that will allow me the nutrition I need But NOt be limiting to family and guest who don't suffer my problems. Every ones body is different and requires different nutrition. I can't go on this way .. can anyone help me?

So here is what I need in a nutshell:More energy, better nutrition, balanced hormones and adrenal glands, weight loss results.
I currently suffer from :
Nurocardiogenic syncope (vasovagal response, Neurocardiogenic syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness associated with a drop in arterial blood pressure, quickly followed by a slowed heart rate )- take pindolol
Pcos - Mirena, low carb diet ( when I can, the best I can im often to tired to eat which makes it worse)
over active bladder/interstitial cystitis - elmiron and enablex
vitamin D defiecency - 1000 icu
seasonal allergies
Cold sores 2-3 times a year resulting from stress and gastrointestinal upsets, periods.

I would prefer to do something with as little drugs as possible. I am not good with taking medicines. The least amount Of pills I have to take the better and right now I am on too many to keep up with which leads to me NOT taking them. I really need someone who understands and is listening to me. who will help with the WHOLE body not just one. because the doctors are throwing off other systems to make one system better. That isn't working for me. I think It's safe to say I have tried almost everything. I am so overwhelmed with all this I literally can't function. I need to feel better and my family especially my disabled son needs me to be at my best. Staying in the bed most days isn't me at my best. it's also not enough to my knowledge to qualify for disability ... HELP!

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  1. HzGirl's Avatar
    Foods I love ... MILK I crave milk. especially with the onset of my menstral cycle. That likely is due to the low vitamin D. Chocolate ( dark chocolates), Pizza, breads, pasta, Cupcakes, brownies, Ice cream. believe it or NOT I do crave fruits to more in the summer. I try to drink 64 ounces of water a day. My boyfriend likes things like steak, potatoes,green beans and corn. He is a very picky eater which makes it difficult to follow the diets. He doesn't eat veggies much and fruits forget about it. I usually can avoid candy and such since he isn't big on those. I have learned if it's NOT in the house it's easier to NOT eat it. My son is on a special diet since he has a feeding tube. When I am at other peoples houses I don't typically get a say in what the person fixes for dinner. Thankfully most of the people I would be around try to eat organically and as healthy as possible. I don't have time for counting calories,carbs or reading alot of food labels. I like what I like and try to find the best healthy variety as possible.