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Bittersweet Day

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Today was a bittersweet day for me! My 4 year old DD got her new big girl bed in today! Watching my DH take apart toddler/crib apart broke my heart more turn I thought it would! I was really hoping to be putting our 2nd child into that bed when DD got her new bed! Sigh I cried like a baby!! :*( today is cd8 and I feeling nothing since I'm un-medicated this cycle! Sucks!!! I really pray I O on my own bc I feel helpless, nothing I can do but pray and leave it up to God!!! Leaving to go to Florida on Monday for 10 days for vacation to see my family!! I'm so very excited! It will be nice to stay busy and have my fam around to keep my mind off of TTC!!! Hope everyone has fabulous week! . Keep your chin up girls, we will all get our bfp soon!

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  1. KailaRose's Avatar
    I hate days like that...
    Enjoy ypur vacation. You deserve it!!!
  2. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Thank you Kalia we all deserve vacation every now and then
  3. MsBrownie25's Avatar
    I know how you feel, I thought fa sure, we would be using are daughters infant crib, and her changing table by now, the changing table is a good book case for her lil books, but it's definitely not how i envisioned it to be used. So keep your head up, Our time will come...cheer up
  4. Clwitt23's Avatar
    Thank you! I know God will bless us all soon!