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Got To Get My Heart Back

BFP Yeseterday, BFN Today.

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Alright so I kept testing throughout the day yesterday. I got a lot of faint BFPs after the first one and another dark one at like 9PM. Hubby and I said yes, we'll accept it and move one. We are expecting. Then this morning came and I tested again after a long day have drinking lots and lots of fluids. I went to bed with another BFP at 3AM. I dozed on the couch and then tested with my end of the day pee, I guess just still in shock, and a BFP registered before I got off the potty. I smiled and went to bed. Woke up today. FRER---BFN. IC dip---BFN, IC dip #2---Faint BFP, and one more for good luck---BFN. lol I know that's a lot of dips in the same pee, but I have a lot to burn because of the Wondfo mix up that happened in the middle of March. They sent me the wrong tests and then sent me replacements. So I have like 100 IC HPTs. lol But what gives today with the BFNs?

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  1. Katie_Lucey's Avatar
    You need to stop POAS and go get a beta! That's the only way you will know for sure what's going on. Tests can vary - betas don't lie.
  2. Nicole1979's Avatar
    I would wait and test later when I Got bfp with this one I was getting very faint bfp next morning even lighter almost not there but I waited till like 12pm and it was showing up again it needs to build up and doubles every 2 days. When I went in for my clomid check they did a test at the office and it was bfn. I had a beta done and my level was 14! I couldn't beleave I was getting any positives at home. You are very early in not gonna tell you to stop testing cause I tested everyday but it will make you crazy! Good luck and Congrats.
  3. SookiesNique's Avatar
    hehe Thanks. I am gonna stop POAS for the time being. I told myself I'd wait until the 6th to test again. BTW. 2 of 3 BFN seem to have turned super faint BFP once dry. I'm still gonna hold fast to it, and if I get BFP's on the 6th I will be going in for a BETA! hehe Thanks ladies for your input. I need all I can get. It's just to surreal.
  4. Chula's Avatar
    I can't wait!!! I just know this is IT for you!!!
  5. Audi10's Avatar
    yes yes stop poas lol! keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. Diane92's Avatar
    Possible those tests didn't have much dye in them.
  7. Seets's Avatar
    Hey you got plenty BFP so im sure u preggers and don't worry bought the BFN *good luck*
  8. SookiesNique's Avatar
    Yeah my mom called bright and early this morning while I was still sleeping from a late night at my sisters house. She didn't even say good morning, she said, to my still asleep sounding voice: Did you POAS today? lol I said, MOM I told you I waas gonna stop testing and go get blood work. lol She yelled at me to test so I did. I dipped two sticks and let them sit. Went back and had one BFP and one BFN. lol So I still not having beer or the occasional smoke. I'm also taking the prenatal that I love. My pee is neon yellow now. I truly hope this is it. Anyway, now that I did it one more time I'm telling my mom that this is it until I hear back from the bloods. Until then I'm living like a pregnant woman, and drinking boring juice. lol It's not that bad.
  9. MsBrownie25's Avatar
    Good luck Sookie, Ull get your BFP...It's still hard to believe I got my BFP...followed by an U/s that confirmed Twins, just hang in there,stay positive