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Got To Get My Heart Back

Waiting For Beta Day...

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At this point I'm just waiting for BETA day. I do not like feeling this way. I took so many tests, and more than half of them are BFP. I just thought that once your BFP they all should come out that way. I've upset myself reading things about apple juice, and opks being too close to your hpt. Every BFP was not gotten with a OPK next to it, but it's enough to drive someone nuts. I just want my answer and my closure. I have a hard time believing the fate could be that cruel, but I'm no sucker. I want my happy ending to this TTC journey. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't. Thursday can't come fast enough.

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  1. Chula's Avatar
    WOW Thursday I hope you get results that day as friday is a holiday and them making you wait all weekend would suck! Maybe call and check on that and maybe get it changed to thursday if it takes a day for results!!!!!
  2. Chula's Avatar
    Oh and fingers and toes crossed for you!!!! Did you ever do a digi test that would give you a "pregnant" or "not pregnant" result?
  3. Audi10's Avatar
    Oh man I couldnt wait till Thursday, they cant send you to the lab? I guess every place is different but my local hospital lets you just do walkins at their outpatient lab, and will do STAT so you can know by end of business... Id be going crazy,,,, Have you tested today? I cant belive that drinking apple juice is going to make it a positive, keeping my fingers crossed
  4. Nicole1979's Avatar
    Thursday I always Got mine the next day! I think your very early and maybe your level is low like mine was so driving yourself crazy is gonna be miserable. I would go buy a digi to a stop with the opks and cheapies some of them may be duds.
  5. SookiesNique's Avatar
    I've been able to get the random BFP here and there but I can't believe the inconsistency of it. I tested today, and I did get one BFP. I am worried about this whole taking OPKs and HPT at the same time thing, but I must say that I don't think anyone of them were close enough to be touching. I got one at 3AM by just dipping it in pee and sitting it on the side of the bathroom sink. I stayed in the bathroom with it and there it was. So why aren't they all positive? I am going nuts. I'm going to an amusement park with my daughter and hubby tomorrow. My sister and he kids will be going also, so a long family day will be great for passing the time and staying away from sticks. I'm just so over it at this point. I can't believe it's been this hard for me to accept a BFP. With my daughter, I could feel it and I was BFN at the docs office and I didn't give up because of what I felt. I got 1 BFP with her and I was convinced. I guess I'm apprehensive because I don't want to be blindsided by hurt. I'm going to try to think positive, and go on until Thursday morning at 9:30AM. Thanks everybody for the supportive words.
  6. Seets's Avatar
    Good luck....i hope u get a bfp!
  7. Nicole1979's Avatar
    Me to this is why I hate internet cheapies seriously. A family day Sounds great remember there are no real false bfps! But a lot of false negatives! Your lil eggie must have just borrowed into it new home. Fingerscrossed for Thursday!
  8. inrgeenn's Avatar
    I'm sending you all the best baby vibes! Good luck and God Bless!!
  9. missshanae28's Avatar
    Good Morning,

    I am sending you baby dust, more than likely you are prego!!!