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Got To Get My Heart Back

Femara Plan...

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So after some talking to hubby, about IHP, I ordered Femara. My referral to my RE expires in 3 months. I plan to keep seeing him or some other RE and keep getting my ultrasounds, and take the Femara. I don't have a lot of faith in this cycle. If the pdoc was right about the chemical, AF should be here by Sunday. If not I may go in for the BETAS because I did get my requisition forms updated. I do want to know my progesterone levels, and then I feel like I don't want them. I'll get them if AF doesn't show because I want to know if I should take the provera I have stored in the cabinet. I have enough for 2 cycles, so I figure I should use what I have, and keep spinning, because the stuff makes me hungry. I don't want to see 300lbs before I conceive. I lost 5 of my Clomid weight gain lbs by juicing and doing spinning workouts. Now I'm drinking high protein meal replacements and still spinning. I do not want to be 30lbs heavier before I get my BFP. So I guess this means I'm not quitting, but I am going to switch meds, and change my approach.

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  1. storksarewelcomehere's Avatar
    SnookiesNique - I am soooo happy you aren't quitting! I felt sooo bad and wanted badly to be able to give you a hug! Hang in there and please keep me posted!
  2. Audi10's Avatar
    Im glad your not giving up =) Will your RE monitor you while taking meds he didnt prescribe?
  3. SookiesNique's Avatar
    I'll tell him that my gyn prescribed My gyn was a horrible little woman though, hence the referral to the RE in the first place. She told me that i was too fat to be TTC, and that any RE would take one look and me and say the same. I'm glad he didn't. He is focused on having a good record of success, but he will take unnecessary money milking steps, in the process. For instance. There was no reason for him to give me 50mg of Clomid and see that it didn't make me O, and yet prescribe it to me again. No at 100mg I still don't know what think, because AF isn't due for some days. Did I have a chemical or some faulty tests, or too much apple I don't know. I just want my closure from this cycle so that I can move forward.