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Got To Get My Heart Back

Taking A Break...

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So on a whim I've decided to take a break from The main reason is because I didn't realize how nervous I'd be once we conceived our second child. It seems like there are so many losses on this site and it really bothers me. So I'm taking a break to make sure that I don't read any more of it for a while. I know it seems selfish but my mind is like a friggin' whirlwind of what ifs, like what if I'm too fat this time, what if my PCOS is worse this time, what if my past illness comes back, etc, etc, and I'm desperate for some relief from these thoughts. So I'm staying away from the forums. I have a couple more blogs in my but after that I think I'm done for now.

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  1. stacey99's Avatar
    Good luck to you and wishing you the best. You have to do what is best for you and your lil bean. Please know you will be missed. Hurry back soon.

    I just found i am expecting and it has definitely been a rollercoaster ride, with tests ging from faint to almost negative and then back darker is driving me crazy. I am fighting with my doctors office right now on getting a beta and progesterone tests. This is my third pregnancy and at the ripe olé age of 35 lol, i want this one to stick around. Good luck to and tons of sticky vibes.
  2. Audi10's Avatar
    Good luck hun, I surely will miss you and hope you will pop in from time to time,atleast just in the blog section to update on how things are going. Best of luck dear!
  3. SookiesNique's Avatar
    Oh yeah...I'll still be blogging, but totally staying out of the forums. You guys on the blogger side make this place to awesome to come to. I hope I didn't give the impression that I'd be staying too far away. Congrats Stacey!! Sticky vibes right back to you. I'll be posting that 3rd number, which I should have by tomorrow, and blogging regularly.
  4. Ashley P's Avatar
    Congrats again Monique! Fingers crossed that your final beta comes back great! I totally understand taking a break. You need to keep your sanity and not stress yourself out for baby's sake. I'm so excited for you and your family!
  5. SookiesNique's Avatar
    Hey Ashley! Thank you so much.
  6. TTCwithhope's Avatar
    going to miss you Monique, I'm taking a break form facebook lol looks like we will miss each other have a happy nine ! hugs
  7. Nao's Avatar
    Amazing news!!! Congratulations, I'm so over the moon for you I'm in the same position with reading up on things I shouldn't. It's great that you're putting a stop to it early.

    Wow! I'm so excited for you!! *Loads of hugs*
  8. Faith in God's Avatar
    Congratulations and good luck!
  9. SookiesNique's Avatar
    Thanks Faith!