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    Default Anyone have a sebaceous cyst removed?

    I don't know if I am spelling that right but I know that's what I have! It's on my back. It's been there for a while but first came to a head and burst maybe a month ago... at first I thought it was cool. Yes, I think it's strangely satisfying when a big nasty zit pops. Well this was certainly big and nasty and SMELLY. Unfortanately, these cysts don't go away... there's some sort of sack or something inside and you have to get it removed surgically or it will keep coming back. So it keeps filling up and bursting again... at times it is quite painful... and when it bursts, it STINKS.

    So... how bad is getting one of these things removed? I'd cut the damn thing out myself if I could reach it... I'm a big fan of DIY surgery. But somehow the idea of going and having it done freaks me out. Who does it? Would I go to a dermatologist for this?
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    Is it a polynudal cyst? On your lower back/upper butt area? I had one and had it lanced, then it came back. I went to the DR to have it lanced again and when I sat on the table to have it done it burst. My Dr told me if you bust it or have it lanced and it comes back then you need surgery, which I had. The problem with these cyst is they have a root system and something like a sinus cavity and all of that has to be removed. I have a 4 inch long scar and they had to cut 8 inches down next to my butt bone. I will not kid you recovery time sucked. I had to lay on my stomach for 4 weeks!!!!!! But its gone and will never come back. PM me if you have any quesions.
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    Hi Moi

    i also had a sebaceous cyst on my back about 8 years back and i got it removed by surgery 2 years after it turned up..Actually i had gone to a family physician and he said that let it grow and when it grows to a good size we will get a surgery so i waited for it to grow . Then one day one colleague of mine patted me so hard on my back right on the cyst and it burst inside pained a lot finally it did grow to a bigger size so i went to a surgeon and he said that i should have got it removed as soon as i had got it ..because the cyst inside is like a small balloon and pus,bacteria and other debris keeps collecting and growing inside and this is like a wound in your body that can cause pimples and acne on your face and area around the cyst . Anyways my cyst had grown inside also and i got some 7 stitches becoz the surgeon had to cut inside more to take the cyst out so now i have an indentation and a scar right oon the center of my back lateral to the spine.
    i feel if i knew and i had got it done earlier ,i wouldnt have had such a big scar.It was not very painful after the surgery but then i took painkiller s and it was all fine.
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