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    Default Yasmin vs. Diane-35

    Sorry if this is a bit long.

    My old gyno put me on Diane-35 about 7 years ago. I hadn't gotten my period in a year, I had horrific acne on my face and back, dark hairs on my face an arms, severe depression and weight gain (of course, she never diagnosed me with PCOS). She started me on Diane-35 and over the next two years things changed drastically. The acne cleared up, I stopped gaining weight (though I stayed overweight), the dark hairs dissapeared, even the depression melted away. She tested my liver functions regularely since that is a risk with Diane-35 and all was well.

    Fast forward to six years on Diane-35. A different gyno diagnosed me with PCOS after I had very high triglycerides. He said I should go off the pills for a year, but I was afraid to because any time I was off them for more than a week or two I started getting depressed again.

    Fastforward another 15 months, I ran out of Diane-35 (I moved and had no new doc). That was October. I didn't get my period and just this week I finally found a new gyno. She said no one should ever be on Diane-35 for more than 6-12 months and ordered blood work for me and put me on Yasmin. I haven't started yet since I need to get the blood tests first but will be starting in a couple of days.

    Now to the questions: Has anyone had similiar experiences? Can anyone tell me what to expect on Yasmin? Is Diane-35 really that bad? It worked so well for me for so long. Has anyone gone off it and found changes in their triglyceride levels? Or triglyceride changes on Yasmin?

    The weirdest thing of all is yesterday I started sort of getting my period.


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