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    Default Quick Links: PCOS & ALTERNATIVE REMEDIES

    Licorice reduces serum testosterone in healthy women - treats hirsutism

    Effect of TJ-68 (shakuyaku-kanzo-to) on polycystic ovarian disease

    Licorice root to boost and to bring down oestrogen levels

    PCOS: a Natural approach

    Plant Therapies for Healing PCOS

    PCOS and East vs West medical treatments

    Alternatice Medicine Review: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Clinical Considerations

    Ovarian cysts their symptoms and treatment with Natural Progesterone

    Tea Gives Big Boost To Insulin

    Interesting...Tea and androgens!

    Green Tea Helps with Hair loss?!?

    More on Green Tea and PCOS

    Green Tea & Hirsutism

    Herbs for Fertility - Natural Fertility Enhancement

    Alternative treatments - PCOS

    Alternative Remedies and PCOS

    Acupuncture for PCOS

    Hirsutism: An "Alternative" Approach to treatment

    PCOS and Acupuncture - NBC Channel 10 report

    Low Calorie Diet & Polycystic Ovaries

    Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, & Polycystic Ovaries

    Acupuncture for Infertility in Women with PCOS

    Japanese Herbal Medicine May Treat Infertility - PCOS mentioned

    The History of Vitex - Herbal Fertility Drug

    Herbs for Fertility - Natural Fertility Enhancement

    Ginseng Berry Extract Shows Promise For Diabetes, Obesity

    Alternative treatments - PCOS

    B-group vitamins reduces circulating homocysteine in polycystic ovarian syndrome'rs

    Vitamin B-6 and Hirsutism

    PCOS & Vitamin D to regulate cycles

    The Sun- Your Missing Link to Good Health (pcos mentioned)

    Vinegar to treat insulin resistance:

    VERY long threads:


    Great threads on Spearmint tea and lowering androgens:
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