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    Default Sharp, stabbing pain around bellybutton anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to what I am going through right now? On Monday night I began getting a sharp stabbing pain around my belly button. It got progressively worse. Yesterday we spent the day in the emergency room with no results except I came home off my face on morphine.

    This morning I went for a scan which ruled out anything wrong with my liver, kidneys, bladder and gall bladder. (The docs at the hospital thought it was gallstones). Waterworks etc are fine, no problems eating and no other symptoms associated with this pain.

    At the moment I am high on pain killers but dont want to continue this. I have a doctors appointment at 12:30 today (its now 10:30) but I cant see what she can do just in the surgery. Does anyone have any suggestions on what this could be and what I can do?

    I would appreciate any possibilities and comments.

    A very desperate Letty.

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    Letty, I'm just wondering since I didn't see you mention it at all in your post -- did they check your appendix? I remember reading a list of symptoms of appendicitis once, and it said that although most of the time people feel pain in the lower right side of the abdomen, it can actually be as high up as around the belly button area. I know my best friend's sister got very very sick, and doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her because she complained of pain on her left side. It wasn't until she nearly passed out and ended up in the emergency room that they finally checked her for appendicitis and that's what it was. Her appendix had actually burst already and that's why she was so sick.

    I don't know if this helped or not, but I hope they are able to figure out what the problem is. Good luck!
    Beth, 29
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    To be honest, it sounds like you had a bad case of
    tummy gas. Which for some of us effectionaly call IBS(irritable bowel syndrome)

    It is related to many factors including diet,stress and/or a little bug called H pylori-(causes acid refux and/ or ulcers)

    Be hopeful you don't have any of these.

    IBS comes on unexpectantly. Some times you can have an episode and then nothing for years.

    I too ended up in ER many years ago. All your symptoms plus the pain was like contractions. Add black tar poop and you have a party going on. It was horrible. They never did Dx anything at the hospital. So I watch my diet(no spicy foods) and after about 6 months I did much better. I would literaly cramp up after eating most stuff.

    So I would suggest going to a bland diet for a few days so you don't cause a repeat performance.
    Some people with IBS don't have the erge for a bowel movement like "normal" people. It can hit like a sharp pain in the stomach like you descibed with out ever feeling the "normal"presure down where it should be. Mine hits just above the belly button.

    Let me know it I can help any more(Or have I said too much?)

    Endometriosis (Infertility Cause)
    Andnomyosis (Infertility/Miscarry Cause)
    Fibroid tummores(One reason for Non stop AF)
    Tubal ligation syndrome(Sister of PCOS)

    Check this link out for more information!!

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    Default Stabbing Pain?

    Ouch! Hello Letty, I'm new here but I'm just going to take a guess. Visceral (inner) pain can be very confusing. It could be one thing or multiple things all joining together to make a discomfort.
    Visceral pain has a tendency to radiate out and it could hurt in one place and yet be located in another.
    You may want to ask for both an internal and external sonagram.
    Unfortunately most of the standard imaging techniques do not reveal adhesions if adhesions are the problem.
    I had bad bad bad adhesions.
    I had a hysterectomy in april and my ovary was destroyed in the process of trying to get the colon loose which had become attached by endo and adhesions.
    I would think that talking to both a gynecologist and a gastrointestinal doctor would be a good choice to troubleshoot.
    If it's adhesions thay really can't see them unless they go inside and take a look with a laproscope.
    I hope all goes well and you find your answer soon.
    I am not a medical doctor. I have been a healthcare professional specializing in Massage Therapy/Body work and Herbs. My viewpoint is strictly from my personal experiences. Please confer with your Doctor for any decisions regarding your health and well being.


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