Something interesting I found on Dave Mendosa's diabetic site:

The Dawn Phenomenon
Thereís another way for us to help control the dawn phenomenon (where your fasting numbers are worse than when you go to bed). Initially, I reported on my lack of success with the ExtendBar. Then, in the July issue of Diabetes Update I reported the advice from John Walsh and Ruth Roberts to take a green apple (like a Granny Smith; not an unripe one) at bedtime. Since then some correspondents have reported apple success, while others werenít so lucky.
Now, I am happy to report the recommendation of correspondent Renee Gerger. She writes:

I wanted to share with you that vinegar pills have changed my whole blood sugar control in a positive manner. I have used several brands, but find that GNC works the best. The difference I noted in the GNC product is that it contains cayenne along with some other substances. I have dawn syndrome and by taking two pills at bedtime I have eliminated it completely. I now have normal readings in the a.m. and most of the day. I also take one or two at dinner.
One has to be cautious because they are so effective that they can reduce blood sugar too much. I have been experimenting with the pills and have noticed that I can reduce my Prandin by taking the vinegar pills. Presently I take Actos once a day and one Prandin at breakfast, one at lunch, and two at dinner. I now donít take a Prandin at lunch, and if I am having a larger carb intake at dinner, I take both Prandin and maybe one vinegar pill. With a dinner that is really ďlegalĒ I donít take a vinegar pill at that time, but still take two before bed even if my blood glucose is well below 100, because of the dawn syndrome effect. If I donít take the vinegar, then my blood glucose is over 130, and with the vinegar it has usually been below 110.

That was so intriguing to me that I immediately followed up with Renee. I asked her where she had heard about taking vinegar pills for the dawn phenomenon. She doesnít remember, and may well have discovered it herself. She says that she had read about the effects of vinegar and used a lot on salads and did notice a difference. ďThen I started taking a tablespoon of cider or white vinegar straight at dinner and at bedtime and saw some difference (balsamic and other vinegars are not recommended).Ē

Because I am a rather skeptical journalist, just to be sure I asked her if she has any connection with the vinegar industry or GNC. Her reply was unambiguous: ďI do not have any conflict of interest, as this has been a personal investigative journey.Ē

At that, I dashed out to the local GNC store and found the same vinegar pills that Renee is using with such success. I made sure to get the same formulation that she uses: apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper fruit powder, ginger root powder, and Garcinia cambogia fruit extract; code 439011. I was especially interested in the cayenne, both because I love it and because it is often used to relieve the pain of neuropathy (I didnít taste the cayenne ó or the vinegar for that matter ó and I donít have neuropathy). Another correspondent suggests that other ingredients besides the vinegar, specifically the Garcinia, might be effective.

My first trial, alternatively taking two vinegar capsules one night and none the next for a total of 20 nights, was not as promising as I hoped and expected. During that time my blood glucose levels were erratic, but taking two vinegar capsules helped, although they did not always prevent the dawn phenomenon.

In fact, taking two vinegar capsules resulted in five occurrences of the dawn phenomenon and five times that my morning numbers were lower. During the 10 nights that I didnít take two capsules, I had the dawn phenomenon six times.

That was disappointing. But I figured that Renee was on to something, and is a lot smaller than I am, so I would need to take more capsules. I did; I increased the dose to four.

During this trial of four capsules, I had the dawn phenomenon 19 times and didnít have it 19 times. Not wonderful and only a little better than without the vinegar capsules. I can only hope that your results are closer to Reneeís than to mine. betes+research&hl=en