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    Exclamation News on White Iodine...

    While searching the internet for any information with regards to the use of white iodine for hair loss and regrowth I came up on a web site for patents. In there I found a woman named Sabina Francis who is requesting a patent for the mixture of White Iodine and Castor Oil that she promotes will regrow hair and has body building properties for hair. I was surprised to find this and realized then that there has to be some connection here to the use of white iodine and the regrowth of new hair. I read up on the "how too's" in the patent body that was presented and its applied in the same fashion as the thread read in the woman's on this site with the exception that Ms Fancis adds castor oil as the base. I dont know about you all but castor oil is an oil and is very hard to be asorbed into the scalp. At best I would assume she uses it to combat the iodine from drying out your scalp if used too long. She suggested using it only for 8wks. I use to be a massage therapist and I can tell you this..Oil will stain your pillow case and go rancid in the dryer if you dont remove it completely from any material. So I question the use of it along side of the iodine. Anyone else have a take on this new development.?
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    Default white iodine/hair loss

    Let us know how this works! I am willing to try anything. I was wondering if any of the research suggest anything about thyroid iodine deficiency as the reason for hair loss. I know they say it's hard for Americans to have this due to the foods we eat but I was wondering if it is possible that our bodies do not absorb the iodine as well due to pcos or other factors which could result in hair loss - maybe this is the basis for the white iodine theory.

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    Default Poss. answer to why castor oil

    I know this is an older thread, but...

    The reason the woman may be using a castor oil base is that in some Carribbean/African-American cultures it is believed that pure castor oil is good on its own for re-growing hair. Especially from traction alopecia, which happens to a lot of people of African descent because many of the hairstyles they wear (dreads, braids, pulling hair back tightly and 'slicking' it down, etc.) promote traction alopecia.

    I tried natural castor oil on my bald spot when I had traction alopecia and I couldn't stand it Waaay too thick and sticky, especially for the front and center of my hairline! But hey, it's one more thing to try if you can hack it!

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