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    Unhappy Menstrual bleeding problems and questions…

    Menstrual bleeding problems and questions…

    I was on 300 mg Prometrium for 10 days about 3 weeks ago. 4 days following the Prometrium, I had what I would consider a light period for 5 days (using regular tampons and panty liners, no accidents if I changed every 2-3 hours). About 4 days ago, I started another period. This one is VERY heavy, going through a maxi pad and a super tampon every hour with gushes of blood when I stand up or bear down. When I take out the tampon and sit to pee, there is a steady stream of blood as well. When I was standing in the shower two nights ago, there were literally clots falling right out of me (sorry TMI). The flow is not thick at all… Doesn’t even look like a menstrual flow to me (at least what it used to look like when I actually got AF on my own). It looks even thinner than the blood from a cut, but very red. I am feeling very tired, and have some cramps, but other than that I don’t feel too horribly bad (moody, though).

    My questions are: Do you have this kind of problem when on Prometrium or other progestins? Is this flow okay, or should I be concerned? What warning signs should I be looking for that this is NOT okay? Isn’t menstrual flow usually much thicker? When you have AF, aren’t you supposed to be shedding what is already in the uterus? Is it possible that I am bleeding out somewhere?

    Thank you so much.

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    Default Since no one else has answered...

    ... I'll do what I can for ya Allsmiles.

    First things first, call your doctor as soon as you can. If heavy bleeding is new to you, it definitely needs to be checked out, or at least talked about.

    I've never taken prometrium, but I have done "progesterone shots" (as my GYN called them) to induce periods. Usually I would have a very heavy period, pretty much what you described as happening now. In fact, I can have those kinds of periods monthly. I'm just lucky I guess! I always assumed the blood seemed 'redder' and 'thinner' because it was coming out immediately and not hanging out in my vagina or uterus for any length of time, as can happen when you bleed slower. That's just my uneducated theory though! But yes, it's definitely thinner, brighter red, and when I stand up without a pad or tampon will literally "spill out" (sorry if TMI!). Yes you shed your uterine lining with menstruation, and that could be part of the clots you're seeing in the shower. If you have a period monthly there really isn't a huge amount of endometrium to shed, and as you said, you just had one three weeks ago.

    All this said, if you start to feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated, look pale, or are bleeding through a 'super plus' tampon or pad in less than 45 minutes it might be time to visit the ER. If you're just scared, it might not hurt to go. It doesn't hurt to be cautious. One "heavy period" I was having turned out to be a m/c and due to all the bloodloss I was very dehydrated and in danger of severe anemia setting in. Better safe than sorry!

    I hope things calm down for you soon! (((hugs)))
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    I dont know this one at all.

    I have very heavey ones anyway just the way u described.

    Hope you get better soon.
    hugs from Clare
    Hugs and much love from Clare
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    Sorry I can't answer your questions, but just wanted to let you know you're not alone... I get the same thing during my AF...
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