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    Question Natural Progesterone Cream - A solution to excess hair growth?

    After doing a decent amount of research on NPC (natural progesterone cream) for fertility purposes I stumbled across this information:

    I have facial hair, especially above my upper lip, that requires shaving occasionally. What causes this?

    This is a condition called hirsutism" (defined as excessive growth of facial and body hair). It indicates that there is a hormonal imbalance between estrogen, testosterone (the dominant male hormone) and progesterone. Progesterone acts as a regulator for the entire endocrine system. A woman who has the hirsute problem probably has PMS too. Both menopausal and menstruating women have reported that facial hair (and body hair) decreased or completely disappeared after three to six months of regular application of cream twice a day. Natural progesterone is needed to effect proper hormonal balance.

    I found this on this website:

    Now obviously I am not advocating this yet as I haven't personally tried it. I am wondering if anyone has tried this and if it works? I am sure that I am going to try it myself for the other hormonal/fertility benefits it provides, but I was wondering if this claim applied to PCOS women or just women who "shave occassionally on their upper lip". If only that was my problem!
    Waiting on a miracle....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherH27
    I was wondering if this claim applied to PCOS women or just women who "shave occassionally on their upper lip". If only that was my problem!
    Progesterone is very important in hormone regulation and low progesterone levels can cause many problems. However it's a big leap from there to assuming that unregulated amounts of additional progesterone will always sort out facial hair -- remember that men have and need progesterone as well!

    Estrogen and progesterone can have dramatic effects on facial hair. One of my sisters had moustache growth of male proportions -- even heavier than mine, and that's saying something :-(. She's busty, but otherwise quite masculine in appearance and attitude. She went on hrt in her 40s and her moustache almost disappeared. But that wasn't the most amazing thing -- her whole personality changed and from being rather masculine, confident and "can-do" in her attitude she became very "girly" and dependendent on others, something she'd never been before. None of us quite know what to make of her now -- she's not the person we knew before. Tampering with hormones can have effects you weren't looking for.


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