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    Unhappy PMS that's getting worse

    I was wondering if anyone experienced their PMS getting worse after starting treatment for PCOS. My doctor put me on 1000mg of Met and 50mg of Spiro per day. To me it seems like a low dosage, but I am starting to experience really bad PMS. I had PMS before treatment, but my god I'm getting to the point where I'm super-irritable and tired. Along with PCOS, I'm coping with hypothyroidism and being overweight. I am really getting fed up with my situation and plan to take drastic measures to change it. What has anyone else done to combat this problem? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I am getting desperate for a cure.

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    welcome to sc have you told your dr how you are feeling ?? hope you get some answers soon
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    Hello! I was wondering something similar myself. Before I started Met, I would only cramp the day before AF, and when I ovulated. Now with the Met, I cramp almost daily. Also, the first period I got on Met gave me the worst cramps I've ever had. Very weird. If anyone knows anything about it, I'd be curious to know. But until then, if it gets worse...I'd contact my doctor. Could be nothing, but better safe than sorry!
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    Im on 3000mg of Metformin but nothing to bring on af.
    I think that the Metformin is causing some changes to my hormones because I am pmt crazy!!!
    I can go from giddy excitable one minute, to steaming angry and weepy the next minute.
    Its horrible because I cant control it.
    TMI now but I keep thinking that af has arrived because there is fluid little flowing from me at times, its very bizarre.
    Im busting to get that release of af, you know, when youre totally pmt'ed to the holt and then af arrives and you feel SO much better for it - well thats what Im waiting for.
    The cramps are horrible too and the period pain, but no period - arghhhhh - SO annoying.
    Actually, sod it, Im gonna email my gynae.
    Good luck with getting some relief.
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