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    Default herbs to help you start your period

    Does anyone know of any herbs or vitamins that I can take to help me start my cycle?

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    In December of 2005 I took Vitex when my cycle was super long. I got af within a few days. I took Vitex for almost three months and didn't like it as it seemed to have shortened my lp though I did ovulate in Jan and Feb of 2006 while taking it. Also recently in May'07 when I was having another long cycle I took soy isoflavones for 5 days, ovulated and then got af after two weeks. I would always take a hpt before starting anything though and I also chart my bbt so I was pretty confident I wasn't pregnant or even that I had ovulated already. HTH. Both of these methods are in the Alternative Remedies section of this site if you want to look for some more information on each one and other options. Best wishes!

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    I last had a natural AF (i.e: not Provera induced) 15 months ago and that was the first cycle i took Clomid, so if i hadn't taken Clomid i prob wouldn't have had AF then. I only ovulated/got AF once with Clomid, dr's say i am Clomid resistant. Ovarian drilling didn't work and neither did Metformin.

    I was recommended Vitex Agnus Castus from a family member whose daughter in law had very irregular AF too and had been ttc for 2 years, she has recently had a baby girl as a result.

    So two weeks ago after coming off my Metformin, i started taking Vitex Agnus Castus. Last night AF appeared although only spotting and today i am still just spotting, but still shes here, i am so excited. The only other things i have done are i had one treatment of reflexology (2 weeks ago) and one of accupunture (19th June).

    If you do decide to take it, bear in mind you should not take it whilst pregnant, on HRT or oral contraceptives. The two latter i wouldn't think apply to you, .

    Good luck.

    Me: 28 DH: 33

    TTC since Jan '06...AF 1-2 times a year.
    '06...7x Clomid (ov'd only once, bfn)
    '06-'10...Metformin, no effect.
    '06...Ovarian drilling, no effect.
    '06-'11...Holistic approaches, no effect.
    '09...2 x IUI...ovulated, bfn's.
    '09...1 x surprise ovulation, bfn.
    '10-'11...3 x Soy, no effect.


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