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    Default Castor Oil for Cyst???

    I was wondering if anyone ever used castor oil to help with the cyst? and if so can u please share I was looking at this website and it is rather confussing to me??I dont know?maybe it's me.[/URL]


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    That does sound unecessarily complicated. A castor oil pack can be used for cysts. I just read about this in alive magazine this week.

    A simple way to do it is to get a nice piece of flannel or even a washcloth that you don't mind sacrificing. Soak it in castor oil and wring it out lightly. You don't want it to drip, because castor oil is sticky and it stains.

    Have a piece of plastic and a hot water bottle ready. Set the plastic on the water bottle, and set the cloth on top to heat the oil slightly. Lay on your back on your bed and put the cloth over your abdomen (over the ovaries - one side at a time is easiest). Cover with the plastic and then with the hot water bottle. Relax and leave the pack on for an hour. Try not to fall asleep. LOL. When you're finished, wash the area with warm water mixed with a bit of baking soda.

    Do this a few times a week at first, alternating sides.

    After doing this a few times, either throw the cloth out, or wash it well, to remove any accumulated toxins.

    I hope this is a simpler version of the castor oil pack instructions. This pack can also be used for muscle pain and gallbladder troubles. I have used it for that, and it works great!
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