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    Angry clearblue fertility monitor not working?

    i have read my book for the clearblue fertility monitor and i dont know if i just dont get it or if mine is not working...
    every month i put it on cycle day one and then it goes through all the days and one time it told me to test on day 5 of my cycle and another day it was like day 12... this time it didnt allow me to test at all ( the blinking test stick line never came up) am i using this wrong or do i just not understand correctly?
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    I had a friend who had problems with hers too and was really frustrated with it. Because of this, I haven't tried it myself. Maybe it's just a bug in some of the monitors?

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    Have you tried resetting it???

    1. Remove the plastic cap from one end of a clean-unused-test-stick and snap the cap onto the other end of stick. Insert the test stick into the test stick slot of the monitor. The beveled corner on the insertion end of the stick must face in toward the monitor. THE STICK MUST SNAP INTO PLACE TO PERFORM PROPERLY. THE MONITOR SHOULD NOT BE TUNRED ON UNTIL STEP 2.

    2. Press and hold the "M" button. Continue pressing the "M" button while turning the monitor on. NOTE: Do not take finger off the "M" button until these directions say to to do so in Step 5.

    3. The screen will show the "remove the test stick" symbol(a flashing test stick with an arrow pointing right). Conitnue pressing "M".

    4. Keep pressing the "M" button and in about 20 seconds, you will see a screen full of symbols. The screen will also display these symbols when you initially turn the montior on for the FIRST time. This indicates the memory is now cleared of all prior data.

    5. Remove test stick first and then QUICKLY release your finger from the "M" button. The memory should now be cleared.

    6. Your screen should display a flashing "M" and one or two dashes. If it does not, it will probably show a "1" and an "M" in a non-flashing mode. If so, you will need to repeat all steps of this process. This procedure may take several times before you successfully reset the unit to its"new" state.

    7. Start using the monitor on CD 1 as per the instruction booklet.
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