you can get Ichthammol ointment at walgreens or cvs or any drugstore should be able to order it for you. Note: it is not on the shelf you have to ask the pharmacist for it they keep it in the back for some reason. Ichthammol is petrolatum, Ichthammol (sulphur),anhydrous lanolin, and light mineral oil. i bought a 1 ounce tube for about $6.00 U S Dollars and used only a small part of it. you can skip to the bottom to learn how i treated myself.

went to see my doctor all freaked out about what this was, i was scared and thought it was skin cancer right away. thankfully not that. my doctor saw it and told me it was a pilonidal cyst but since i have been keeping it clean it was not infected that was it. no remedy and did not offer any antibiotics. he said that nothing he could do unless it became infected then steps would be taken to remove it and told me how they do so. OUCH no way! so i started to research this thing on my butt crack.

I did ask my doctor if it was a virus or bacteria infection, he said no. I think that it is, and that is just my personal opinion. I am 48 years old and have never had one of these painful things. I also never use public toilets unless they have those paper shields for the toilet seat. the one time in my life i used a public toilet without a paper shield because i was in a hurry from upset stomach this pilonidal cyst pops up a week later. My doctor said no that he didn't think it was spread this way. I think it is like athletes foot fungus that you can get from one person just by coming in contact with the same spot they walked on, or in this case sat on.

getting infected by someone else's pilonidal cyst is kind of like getting athletes foot fungus the similarity is not that far fetched. upon contact it only takes a moist dark place between the skin for athletes foot fungus to grow and it can become like a pilonidal cyst except for the hair in most cases. athletes foot fungus itches, burns, and weeps and can bleed and become infected just like this. so i feel this is something that you can catch.

MY Treatment

first i kept the wound clean, did so with antibacterial soap and water on a clean cotton towel. did not scrub only lightly wiped to apply soap to the area and then wet another section of the clean towel with warm water and lightly wiped the soap away. then lightly dryed the area completely with a clean cotton towel. used different sections of the same towel for this and did not use the towel again until it had been machine washed with bleach and detergent. this step was done three times a day before applying the ichthammol ointment, yes went through a lot of towels. I noticed the course hair in my butt crack was keeping the cyst open so i removed it using the brand of NAIR hair remover with cocoa butter. I cannot bend enough to shave the area and could think of no one to ask to do the shaving so nair was the option i took.

the Nair did burn a bit but it did remove the hair i had to do this twice during the 2 weeks it took for the cyst to heal since the hair grew back. Note: when i removed the hair with Nair Hair remover as the hair was trying to grow back i got itchy bumps from where the hair was trying to grow back out and they itched terribly. so you have to deal with that itch also.

so after cleaning off the hair and nair i washed the area again and completely dried it. i applied the ichthammol ointment directly on the open pilonidal cyst and that was it. I did so 3 - 4 times a day, always washing the area to clean and remove the old ointment before applying new ointment. i also only wore all cotton dark underwear so that if the black ointment stained the underwear it would not show. only all cotton underwear so that it breathes and helps to control the moisture. I would also at time when going out or to work apply the ichthammol ointment and cover with a cotton pad rolled up and my butt cheeks seemed to keep it in place without it slipping. I used those cotton squares women use remove their makeup. make sure they are all cotton, not the cheap ones that are synthetic.

Pilonidal cyst was painful and itchy most of the time but as the days past the sulphur in the ichthammol ointment seemed to be healing the open wound and it was getting better it seemed to be healing from the inside out. after 2 weeks i decided to stop using the ichthammol ointment wash,clean and dry the area. had to see if the pilonidal cyst would heal. I kept up the 3-4 time washing and drying of the area and covering it with a clean cotton pad. after almost another week skin formed over the area and i stopped using the cotton pads. just kept the area dry using a clean dry towel and gently wiping away any moisture. there is some scar tissue there left behind by the cyst but i have been noticing that it is slowly going away. I hope this helps someone out there. feel free to pass on this to anyone in hopes that it will help them. Please make sure you check with your doctor or medical personnel before trying this. I had no adverse reactions or allergy to this Ichthammol, but everyone is different. I am only posting this because it helped and worked for me and kept my pilonidal cyst from becomming infected. I am grateful that it did heal my pilonidal cyst and that i did not need a operation. again please check with your doctor before using this ointment. I hope this posting helps in your healing, this comes from one sufferer to another. take care,