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Thread: Postpartum acne

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    Default Postpartum acne

    I gave birth to my daughter 5 months ago. At about 3 mos. postpartum, my face started breaking out like crazy! Seriously, it has not been this bad since I was in HS and I am 38 now. Anyone else had this happen after pregnancy?

    Also, I was on met until I was 13 weeks PG. I have not gone back on it. Maybe that will help?

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    Happened to me too but it was at 1 year post partum which corresponded with AF returning. It was bad cystic acne with a lot around my jaw that was different than acne I had before pregnancy. It's not as bad these days (2 yr PP) but it still hasn't gotten considerably better. Hope you find something that works for you!

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    i always had a pimply or 2 on my chin before pregnancy, then at about 28weeks it started getting worse around my jawline and now, 4 weeks after giving birth to my sons, it has gotten worse, its around my lawline and on my cheeks and neck area and also my back!! arrrggghh but its different sort of acne, its hard to pop, can squeez but nothing comes out (i know bad me for squeezing) and it also itches like crazy sometimes! cant wait to go back on met, hope it hhelps!!
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