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    Default stomach bloating makes me look like i am pregnant

    hi im 19years old and im new to all this internet questions and answers

    when i was about 16 i was diagnosed with PCOS
    ive always had a very slim figure. when i was first diagnosed i never really had any PCOS symptons apart from irregular periods.
    i got prescribed to take a birth control pill to regulate it but never took it.
    eventually my period seemed to regulate itself. not completley though. only recently (about 6months) since i have put on a lil bit o weight i have retained a really bloated stomach starting from below my ribs to below my belly button.. mainly below my belly button. it feels really uncomfortable, but not really painful i still am a good weight, not overweight in any way apart from my stomach looking gross. sometimes it can look like im 4-6months pregnant. i am sexually active but have not tested myslef yet. i have not missed my period and am due to get it in around 2-3weeks.
    i am less active than i used to be. could this be a cause to the buldge as well?
    i dont smoke. when i go to the toilet it doesnt dissappear. it used to be that in the morinngs it was flat, and then in the afternoons or towards night it would appear. now its definately more constant. whether i eat or not.
    is this a sympton of PCOS?
    my main concern is that it makes me look like im really pregnant but i have read that having PCOS it is hard to concieve?? so is the belly buldge a PCOS symptom?
    oh and to add i recently (about a week ago) finished a dose of antibiotics
    any answers and advice/personnal experience will be greatly appreciated
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    You should see your doctor to find out the cause. It would be a mistake to write it off as 'pcos belly'.

    I looked 4 months pregnant a few years ago, and chalked it up to 'belly fat' and 'pcos'. Turns out I had fibroids that weighed about 4 pounds! (Which I eventually had removed).

    My belly was so big, the doctor was SHOCKED that I hadn't come in sooner to have it looked at.

    i am less active than i used to be. could this be a cause to the buldge as well?
    I would certainly help your overall health to be more physically active.

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    could also be lactose intolerance. I was told by many Dr's that I could not develop this after age 35....then my allergist suggested cutting out dairy for 2 weeks just to make sure.

    7 days into it, my "pcos" belly was gone.

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