Hello all my fellow Cysters. I am trying to make today a good day but I woke up with 2 new beauties (cysts) on my chin. Just LOVE these hormones (note the sarcasm).

Of course, the hair NEVER stops falling out and well then rest of it, I don't have the energy to go over it. Read my other post if you care to know....."Estrogen Dominant PCOS with Endometriosis and Benign Ovarian Tumor"

My question is this, Have any of you tried EFA's (essential fatty acids) specifically GLA for your symptoms??? I have been reading that they can really help with hormone imbalance and especially Acne and hairloss and even unwanted hair growth. I just don't know how PCOS is effected. I have an Estogen dominant form of PCOS which isn't a classic case. I am not IR and I am not overweight, I am different then most here. I am also NOT Trying to Conceive. I just want balance, I am trapped in hormone hell!!! I have 2 children and I am done with the reproductive use of my hormones.......in so many words.

I want to know if any of you have tried Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil or Black Currant Seed Oil? I have read that Evening Primrose has an estrogenic effect so I am a bit concerned about that one but don't know about the other two. Anyone with any "experience" please do share!!

Thank you and Bless you all....