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    Question Breast discomfort, heavy feeling, slight pain

    I've noticed lately, that I have a heavy sensation in my breast when I remove my bra at night. After about 5 min the sensation goes away, but then I'm left with a feeling of discomfort and slight pain in my left breast (on the side). I have noticed that this happens only after I remove my bra and it starts in the middle of week 2 of my Necon pills. That is basically 2 weeks prior to my period. I am also taking Spironolactone which I have heard can contribute to breast pain. I do regular breast exams and everything feels normal. I'm not sure if my underwire bra is the problem or if it is pcos, bcp, spiro or just cycle related.

    Do any of you experience breast discomfort (in one breast only), slight pain or heaviness after removing your bra about mid cycle?

    Me 32/DH 34
    BCP & Spiro

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    I too have this problem at the moment and its starting to worry me. I have the heavy sensation after taking off my bra (all of which are underwired) but I have no pain. I notice the heaviness is worse about 10 days before my period and eases off a little afterwards, although it is always a little heavier than the right breast. Did you get it checked out and if so what was your diagnosis?



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