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    Default Can Metformin damage my digestive system?

    Hello cysters...

    I love metformin, the benefits i get from it cannot be compared to the side effects it gives me!

    I have been on it for a year now, 2000 mg ER and my cycles are regular and just this month I started to ovulate on my own! YAY!

    The situation is I have had a lot of stomach ache, gas bloating and indigestion for the past year...some of the foods that I can't digest are bananas, watermelon, whole wheat bread, rice, beef (and more...even if i cut them to small pieces and chew them slowly)

    I never complained of this because I'm thinking these are just Met side effects, but now im thinking could this be a that my digestive system has been damaged from taking Met? I had no problems with indigestion before Met.

    Is anyone else going through the same?
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    My stomach hasn't been the same since I began my journey on Metformin (I am currently taking Glyburide/Metformin combo). I have gas and bloating like I have never had before...there are times that my husband just looks at me in shock because I do make some rather funny noises.

    As for actual damage, I guess I never thought about it damaging me...I just assumed it was my reaction to the meds causing all the gas and tummy issues.

    Maybe someone else will have more to tell us about it...
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