Hi Everyone

My name is Heather I'm 25 years old and I just wanted to share my story and give you guys ease and tell you not to be scared if you are having a laparoscopy a hysteroscopy or a d&c surgery.

I don't have PCOS but I know that some of you that do may have to have this type of surgery.

I had never had surgery before so of course I was scared!!!

My surgery went well but recovery for me was awful because of a few things my doctor and his staff didn't inform me on so I wanted to make sure no one else has to go through something like I did and how to avoid it all. I'll start from the beginning on why I had to have this type of procedure what it was like for me the day before surgery, the day of surgery and during the recovery period. At the end I will also list all the things you should do before your surgery to help your recovery go better and make you feel comfortable. =)

One day I started having abdominal pain so bad it put me in the fetal position in my bed for hours. I immediately knew something was wrong but refused to go to the ER. After a few hours the pain went away totally and I thought I was fine. A few months later it happened again. From then on I had the same pain for a few hours and then it would go away. But it would come back throughout the day and the same thing would happen. It felt like someone was stabbing me in my side. This is when I finally decided to go to the doctor.

On my first visit to my GYN to determine the cause of the pain he did a self examination and then a ultrasound to see if he could find anything. He then found a cyst in my uterus but it was in an uncommon spot which was blocking my menstrual cycle from coming through. He told me after my cycle the problem should clear up on its own. I received vicodin through him and on my way I went. I took the vicodin as prescribed and was still in severe pain after the first week so I went back for another visit with him. He said the only way to determine and pinpoint and cure what was wrong with me was to go in and perform a laparoscopy a hysteroscopy and a D&C. I was terrified but at this point I knew it had to be done.

My doctor was great I've been a patient of his for years, however, his staff was horrible. I called to schedule my surgery and the surgery scheduler was on vacation so I left a message. She never called me back so I gave her another call. She said that my chart wasn't up yet and that I had to wait to be called because of all the other patients ahead of me. I still didn't hear from her for another 3 days so I called her back again. Same thing she said that my chart wasn't up yet and I had to wait for her call. By this point I had now had severe pain for almost 2 weeks and was still on vicodin. It took her another week to call me back and finally scheduled my surgery for the following week. The estimated surgery was $ 14,000.00 in hospital fees and $ 3,000.00 in doctors fees. Because I didn't have insurance they gave me a discount but not by much. Before they would even perform the surgery I had to put $ 11,000.00 down so I wasn't too happy about that but I had no other choice.

I was in so much pain that I wasn't too overly scared until a few days before. I have had panic attacks in the past so I called the doctor and asked if he could prescribe me something for anxiety. I ended up getting small doses of xanax which I took for a few days before my surgery. The night before my surgery I followed all instructions and didn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. I also made sure all of my piercings were out, and my body was free of all perfumes, nail polish, ect. In the morning I took a shower using antibacterial soap as directed and washed my hair and brushed my teeth. I did not put on deodorant because my doctor told me not to. I had to be there at 7 am and I was off on my way to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital and everyone was so nice! I was so terrified that I started crying during my blood work. I completely lost it and now was sobbing hysterically. All the nurses were by my side and even a girl that was about 12 years old was there for surgery and wanted to tell me everything would be okay but couldn't because she had to be rushed off. This little girl had so much courage and strength that I think that is the real reason that ended up making me go through with it. She had been diagnosed with cancer and had been through surgery many many times. I looked up to her and still think of her to this day and pray for her every single day.

I then went into the pre-op room and waited with my mom. The nurses came in and gave me an IV to relax and calm me down. I remember feeling really high and relaxed and thats the last thing I remember until after the surgery.

**Don't be scared by reading this section this only happened to me because my doctor did not inform me of something I should have done before surgery. All this pain could have been easily avoided. I'll tell you the reason behind all of it later in my story**

After waking up in the recovery room I was in more pain then I ever felt in my whole life. The nurses kept giving me more and more pain meds through my IV and finally managed the pain a little bit. When the doctor went in the cyst was gone but he found endometreosis on my ovaries and burned it off which explained the severe pain I had been in for a month. My mother flew down to be there with me and to help support me during my recovery. This meant so much to me! They finally released me and she drove me home.

By this point I had already been on vicodin for a month and I thought it was stupid because they prescribed me more vicodin for after surgery care. I had gained a tolerance to it and it was obvious it wasn't doing much for my pain. I could barely walk from the car to inside and was sobbing because of the extreme pain I was in. My mother laid me down on the bed and immediately called the doctor about my pain meds. They told her to give me one and a half with each dose versus one. I slept for a few hours and would wake up and fall back asleep. I immediately had an appetite and with my mom in town I took advantage of it! I pigged out through my whole recovery which also led to more complications.

***This is where it all makes sense***

By day three I had not gotten better at all but much worse. My mom had to help me use the bathroom each time and noticed that I still had yet to have a bowel movement. So she asked me when was the last time you had a bowel movement? I couldn't even remember! I knew it was over a week since I had one but didn't even realize it because of all the trama, pain and everything I had went through. She called the doctor again. They told her to give me 2 enemas and hopefully that would get me to go. I had the first one still nothing. I had the second one and I went a little bit but not much. That night I had sharp pain going down my sides and my stomach was so inflamed from the gas and surgery that this was the worst pain by far. I laid in the fetal position on my floor crying hysterically thinking that I was dying. My mom managed to get me out to the car and on the way to the emergency room we went. They had to roll me in a wheelchair and take me to the back right away. I thought for sure something had gone wrong with my surgery and I wasn't going to make it. The doctors gave me an IV and put diladin in it. That was some powerful stuff!! I went from tears to laughing in a matter of seconds! They ran a bunch of tests and gave me some type of a cat scan for my stomach. The doctor came back and said that I was severely constipated. It was putting pressure on my incision sites from surgery and because of the surgery and constipation it was causing the extreme pain I was in. I guess all the pigging out I did with my moms home cooking couldn't of helped it! LOL! They sent me home and had me drink a whole bottle of Mirolax.

The next day I spent most of it in the bathroom! I felt 100 times better! From then on I continued to get better day by day and started walking and before I knew it I was able to drive again and it had been 3 weeks since my surgery! Its crazy that constipation caused all of these problems with my recovery and it could have all been avoided! The pain meds I was on for nearly a month and the anesthesia caused severe constipation.

Its now been 2 months since my surgery and I feel great!!! My scars are so tiny and one is in my belly button so you can't see it at all. The other one is on my pubic area and so minimal you can barely see it. I'm so glad that whole ordeal is over with and am now moving on with my life! I wanted to let all of you know to not be scared and you don't have to go through what I did. I also wanted to thank my dearest mommy for everything she did for me I couldn't have gone through it without her! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!

Below are some tips and things you should have around the house to make your recovery easier:


Puzzle Books (I preferred Sudoku)

Magazines & Books

I crochet so I had my mom get me yarn and a crochet hook

Cough Drops (your throat may be sore from the surgery)

GasX (helps with the gas they blow you up with during your surgery)

Comfy Slippers, Socks, Baggy pajama pants and t-shirts

Heating Pad (this really helped my back)

Favorite snacks, food & drinks

Enemas (get a pack of 2 one for the night before and one just in case you get constipated)

Miralax (just in case the enemas don't work)

A tray table so its easier for you to eat in bed

Bandaids, neosporin, saline solution and cotton balls for cleaning

Lots of Pillows (if your a stomach sleeper like me this will help you prop your self up in bed a little better)

Your favorite stuffed animal for cuddling!

A cow bell! (not necessary but I'm a big jokester so I bought one for cheap from a craft store and hid it next to my bed so when I got out of surgery as soon as my mom walked out of the room I started ringing it! LOL!! It was funny! It was also a good way to alert her when I needed something. It's hard to yell after surgery)

**Before surgery make sure:

Call the doctor a few days before and ask for something for anxiety this will help greatly with that.

You go shopping for all the things you want and need for recovery.

Lay everything out around the bed for easy access (I put almost everything in a drawer in my nightstand)

Lay out the clothes you are going to wear the day of surgery the night before. Also lay out 3-4 sets of comfy clothes and socks by your bed for easy access.

Make sure to have someone that cares about you by your side for the first 3 days.

Buy lots of soups and ice cream.

The night before I would do an enema to make sure everything is out. (This will put less pressure on your stomach)

I hope this helps! Don't be scared and follow all instructions given by your doctor. Also don't be afraid to ask questions regarding your surgery! If this even helps one person out then I feel accomplished. =) If you need any more advice feel free to comment or write me an e-mail.

Thanks for letting me share and once again thank you mommy for everything you have shown, taught and done for me!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!