Ok, this is getting rather annoying. For the past two months I've been breaking out like crazy around the base of my nose, right where it meets the face, inner/lower nostril and the little nostril divider. This is a new one on me.

I did have a patch about the size of a dime beside my nose for the longest time that just kept breaking out/healing/breaking out again. The zone is gradually getting smaller but I'm tired of it. No topical acne medication seems to work. And though it sounds like contact dermatitis, I don't know how it could be since I generally don't touch things with my nostrils.

The only other things I've been doing differently lately is taking Sam-e for some mood support, and my AF cycle fell off the wagon. I had been nice and regular for the past 6 to 8 months, then *bam* I skipped an entire month... just like old times. And managed to put on a bit of weight in the process... again, just like old times.

I'm on 1000mg Met XR. Have been for years.

Clearly my body is out of whack for some reason but it seems so out of the blue. Anyone else have this problem?