Has anyone had any luck with using the NuvaRing to shrink, get rid of and or prevent your ovarian cysts? My Ob/Gyn made that suggestion to me yesterday as an alternative to repeat surgeries. I also have Intracranial Hypertension (IH) and any hormonal treatment is cautioned against so I'm hesitant to say the least. I just had surgery nearly exactly 1 month ago and have a another large & painful cyst again. Any opinions?

At the last surgery, my Dr. said she removed about half of the left ovary and that is the one where this cyst has grown again. Last time, at the sonogram, the largest cyst was the size of a golf ball and by the time we got to surgery, it was the size of a grapefruit. Yesterday it was the size of a chicken egg. The right ovary doesn't have any cysts visible on the sonogram but it has been very painful. At the surgery 1 month ago, she drained a half dozen or more marble+ sized cysts but did not remove them.

Background on me: I am going to turn 39 in about a week and have 2 children. I'm not sure what my profile shows my meds as. For the PCOS I'm taking 750mg Metformin twice a day and I've been taking 200mg of Spironolactone once a day. The Spirinolactone crosses for the IH & PCOS. Starting today I'm upping it to 300mg and in 4 more days I'll go up to 400mg.

Any insight, thoughts, whatever is appreciated.