Hello everyone. So, I'm whittling away the 2WW with allowing myself to fantasise that I've got a little blastocyst implanting in my uterus...Just wondering if anyone has any info they could share about Estradiol (E2) levels at 7DPO?

I'm on my 2nd clomid cycle (100mg), took it CD5-9. O'd on CD20 (woo-hoo!). I just got my 7dpo blood test results back today and progesterone (P4) was 43 and E2 was 514. The nurses told me that the P4 showed a definite O (though I knew that b/c I'm BBT charting). I thought Estradiol was supposed to peak before ovulation (level 300 - 500+) and then have a second, smaller peak at 7dpo (like around 200). When I asked the nurse about this, she said - we'll just have to wait and see. Does anyone know if this E2 level indicate anything or do I need to find a new obsession?!?

I can find a lot of info on google about P4 levels at 7dpo but not E2. So thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me more about this!