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    Default Progesterone Cream

    Where can u buy Progesterone Cream at??
    Walmart? Walgreens?Hyvee?
    Where at would it be at in the store?
    Can a doctor prescribe Progesterone Cream??

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    What a doctor would prescribe in most cases would be synthetic and most of those have a bunch of bad side effects. If you have a health food store near you you could try there. But the Life Flo cream at my health food store was $35! I found the same exact thing on Amazon for $17. Needless to say I'll be getting it on Amazon. lol

    Emerita and Life Flo are the two most popular and reputable creams on the market. Just my opinion.

    But I learned recently that any cream marked USP Bioidenitical Progesterone is OK!
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