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    Thumbs up Is there any grocery store who sells grass fed meat?

    Hey ladies, happy hump day!
    Anyway, I haven't eaten red meat in a month now due to the hormones and steroids they have in the meat in all our grocery stores and we all know that is not good for anyone, especially us ladies. Since watching the documentary FOOD INC. I am not even going to eat chicken or any other meat because they all have hormones and steroids which messes up our hormones and health. Sadly, where I live in Indiana, we don't have a Whole Foods! I am sooo bummed. It is easy to find organic milk and eggs but not meat Is there any place besides WHOLE FOODS or something a long those lines that sell grass fed meat. I know Walmart doesn't but I am not surprised about that.
    Another question, since not eating meat, what should I be eating to get my protein? Since being TTC for the first time, I want to do everything I can to become healthier.

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    Your best bet at a grocery store would probably be your local health food store. Otherwise, check your local farmer's market. Many people who eat grass-fed beef buy direct from the farmer. is a good resource to find local grass fed meat.

    Also, be sure you're buying 'grass finished' beef. Most cows start on grass and then head to the feed lot so ignorant and sometimes dishonest marketers will sometimes advertise regular beef as 'grass fed'.
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    Agree with Somewhat Damaged on the marketing!

    If you can't find it locally, I would also check US Wellness Meats Keep hoping though, just before I moved, my local grocery store started carrying it! I've also found it at Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage (frozen) and Sunflower Market (frozen). It's cheapest if you can buy in bulk, especially with a local rancher.


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