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    Default How soon after hCG shot do you ovulate?

    The hubbs just gave me the shot today at 3:45 long will it be before I O, and when do we BD?

    The doc just said to take the shot on the 11th, and BD the 12th and 13th. But you know....I'd like it down to the hour.

    Also, the hubbs' count is low - any tips on positioning or tactics? Apparently he has a LOT of volume ....we should just do it upside down....LOL
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    well i have not go to use my trigger shot yet *bumber* but my RE said there will be 3 days of intercourse. also he said usually 24-36hrs later then the egg lives i think for 24 rs, so i know when i get to that point it willbe 4 days as sperm can live for a few days, so if you bd tonight they could be there waitng for the egg. im crazy i know lol, best of luck

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    You usually O 24-36hrs after the trigger shot. After O, the egg is good for 24-36 hours, but sperm can live in your system for up to 72hrs. I would definitely BD for the next 3 nights, can't hurt right . Also, we have done it before we go to sleep where I continue to lay down and prop up my hips with a pillow (about 30 mins). I know I have heard of ladies not having to do that and I am sure that is the case, but I am one that likes to cover all my bases. Good Luck. Lots of baby dust your way!
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    Everyone said what I was going to say already, lol but I wanted to wish you luck!! Keep us posted

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    I was also told to BD two morning after the shot. So if you had the shot today I would bd tonight, tomorrow night, the following day in the morning and then at night. However, I ovulated 4 days after the shot, way too late. I also triggered 3 days after the scan because my E2 was low so basically the egg must've been like 30cm by the time I triggered and like 40 by the time I ovulated so no getting my hopes up this cycle to be honest.

    I don't know if having low count would change anything though. This was adviced for us but we couldn't BD in the morning. My DD2 woke up like a 5 and it just wasn't going to happen lol

    Good luck!
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