I have many dreams for my future. I'm working hard to finish college, so I can work toward having a successful career. I want to be a singer/actress. it's what I'm good at. If I can't do that than I want to ahve a career in television, probably directing/producing. I also want to lose 63 pounds.

My dream after I get my career on track is to have a baby. I know I will have a hard time getting pregnant, if at all. This is because my periods are very irregular and erratic(when I'm not on the pill). They've always been this way. It was like this even when I was thinner. I have no problem with adopting. i don't care how I get a baby as long as I get one, when I'm ready to be a mom. Besides there are so many children in the world who have no one and need parents. I would like to experience the joy of pregnancy, at least once, if it's possible. If I don't find Mr. Right by the time I'm between the ages of 28-30, I'm going to adopt by myself and be a single mom. I want to have three to four children.