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    Right now we have collabers making videos from monday-friday without any weekenders.. if you are free on saturday or sunday, shoot me a message and we can take it from there. (either on the youtube or tumblr).

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    Quote Originally Posted by brepcoser View Post
    I was wondering---these articles all say MOST PCOSers (40%) are lesbian/bi and only 15% are straight

    so then how come like 90% of the people on this website are talking about conceiving with their BOYFRIENDS? lol

    in addition to that question...i also have an annoying, repetitive question to ask all of you "rainbow" cysters...

    when and how did you know when you were not straight?

    i'm struggling and confused with my sexuality at the moment and i think from my former straight self (????) my brain is crushing on men but my body isn't...SO CONFUSING
    I get where you're coming from, though I'm also shocked by that statistic. The population of most message boards would indicate otherwise.
    Although, on both a scientific and philosophical level I object to lumping lesbians and bisexuals into one opposite category to straight.

    As for when and how I knew I wasn't straight...I still don't to be honest. The only responses I get when I talk about it are either "*sympathetic look* well it's okay if you are a lesbian" or "*eyeroll* Oh please, you're straight! Who doesn't find women beautiful?"
    And I'll readily admit I very well could be. I'm definitely closer to straight than lesbian, but in personal stories I've read from bisexuals, both male and female, I find myself identifying with what they describe. So I might be somewhat bisexual.
    I can definitely see myself being in a relationship with a man, as for a woman I'm not as certain. I feel like it's possible but it'd have to be the right person.

    That's part of the reason I object to lumping lesbians and bisexuals together in opposition to straight. It implies that bisexual women are closer to lesbian than to straight, and for some that might be true but it isn't for me and I'm sure there's plenty more that isn't true for. However, for bisexual women who are closer to the heterosexual side, there's the bisexual erasure tendancy to dissmiss them as actually straight and just experimenting/doing it for attention/promiscuous by nature.

    I also feel very defensive sometimes when I hear about those studies because PCOS has affected my self image. I feel like I look extra masculine. I don't. I've been told that many times, and I know it's true but the feeling is still there. So I have this feeling like because I have PCOS if I were a lesbian it'd be no big surprise to anyone if that makes any sense, sort of like when Adam Lambert officially came out as gay.


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