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    Default Metformin and cervical mucus

    Just wondering what, if any, effect Metformin has on cervical mucus? I got my first AF in January and a 2nd one in February and have been trying to track ovulation by checking cervical mucus. I have read that some medications can effect CM. Wondering if Metformin has any effect and if so what to expect. My first cycle ran a little long at 36 days and at this point I am 23 days into my 2nd cycle. I am taking 2000 mg daily of ER. Until January I had not experienced any type of CM for years or at least to any extent that it was noticeable so between my cervical mucus and AF without birth control regulation I am feeling pretty hopeful that the Metformin is helping balance my hormones.

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    Metformin didn't make much difference for me, but meds like Clomid can dry up CM. You'll see a lot of women who are taking clomid also using pre-seed, which is a sperm-friendly lubricant.

    Metformin, if it balances your hormones enough, may actually help the hormone surges that produce CM more effective. I'm not aware of any negative impacts, but positive impacts are very possible.
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    This is TMI and personal but I'm gona share with u.... I have more CM on met and sex is better. If I'm not on met,it burns down there after.... So its amazing to me what a difference met makes with that... Weird,huh?
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    I haven't noticed any drying up with the metformin. If the metformin is helping your hormones to get back under control, you may notice changes while this is happening. I hope the metformin helps you!
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    cielos hit the nail on the head. met effects your hormones and that can absolutely create changes in your cm. have you tried taking evening primrose oil? it helps with healthy cm production. many women have a hard time tracking ovulation by cm because not everyone gets fertile cm or it can come and go at any point in your cycle without ovulation due to fluctuations in your hormones. i chart my bbt and use my cm to confirm but i don't rely on it alone. you may be ovulating but you're just missing it because of the lack of cm.
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