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Thread: stress rash??

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    Default stress rash??

    I was looking at things that might help me in my TTC journey and got upset and rather stressed and went to bed early with a headache and well the next morning I woke up yesterday with a rash along the jaw line on the left side of my face and by last night it was all over my face and this morning it had gone into and on my ears and neck. I retraced my steps as to what I did leading up to it and what I ate and well there was nothing out of the norm so could it be stress? Its red, HOT and itchy, anyone anything similar??
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    Yes, ifI have a stressful day at work, I will break out in a hive-like rash on my arms and hands. I'm just getting over a rash on my face and scalp. I'm not sure what the cause was, but it could have been stress--or maybe a virus.


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