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    We should also remember that their kids don't watch tv, and their contact with the public is very limited/controlled. While michelle and Jimbob understand what it means to be on camera, The kids have worked with that same production crew for many years and grew up with the cameras there. While having camera's in our faces would make us feel very 'on display,' I think it's natural for their children. I'm not sure the term "in public" is fitting. I think the kids probably felt they were with friends and family when they were told. I was surprised she told the adult children and the littles all together instead of in smaller groups, but togetherness has always been very important to them. So, in that light I understand.

    Seems to me that the crew was with them for the u/s and telling the children, and then left until the service. I didn't see any footage between those events while michelle was going through it.

    I heard the audiotaped letter she recorded for jubilee on the duggar website soon after it happened and at the time I couldn't believe she maintained her composure throughout reading the whole thing. I was going through my m/c at the time and I could barely breath while listening to that letter. Then on the show they said she'd recorded it before she passed the baby, while still pregnant. I saw her cry into her hands while it played at the service and I knew she felt the same way I'd felt while listening to it. The reality hadn't hit her until after it was all over. She's so brave for doing this. I can't imagine going through it in the public eye, but seeing her go through it validated my feelings. I could relate to her so much when she was on that table sobbing, with JimBob saying he was sorry and just wishing he could take her pain. He seemed so relieved when she asked him to pray with her, that he could do something to help her. I can only imagine how many women she helped by just showing them that level of grief is totally appropriate. So many victims of m/c think there's something wrong with them if they take it hard. IT'S HARD!! Michelle showed how hard it is. So many people think we should just get over it. It's my hope that she opened more hearts to the severity of miscarriage, so that they will be more understanding if it happens to someone they know.

    Sorry this is a bit of a rambling post. I re-wrote it too many times!
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    I thought Michelle was incredibly strong. I choked up by her reaction of, "God giveth, God taketh away," her faith never seemed to waiver. I wish I could say the same for me, but my 12 week loss was not met w/her composure. I found her to be inspiring, and brave for sharing her grief so publicly. I hope (like the PP said) that it opens the hearts of others, and raises awareness.
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    Well i ended it watching...twice! I did cry quite a bit but after watching it i felt like there was actually someone out there i could relate to. I didnt feel as alone as i have been. I to went for an ultrasound to find out that my baby didnt have a heartbeat. I to thought i was "safe" since i was in the second trimester. I think they did a good job with the episode.
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