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    Question Aloe Vera for Acanthosis Nigricans/ PCOS

    Dear Cysters,

    A friend of mine has introduced me to Aloe Vera nutritional and skincare products. Up until now I had never really given Aloe Vera much thought. To me it has always been just a plant, but ever since I have been reading up on it a lot and have found that Aloe Vera has helped many people with different conditions. My question is can it help with Acanthosis Nigricans/ PCOS? There does not seem to be much on the subject, if any at all. I was just wondering, are there any cysters out there who use/ drink Aloe Vera and have they noticed a difference with their Acanthosis Nigricans/ PCOS? I am really hoping that this time I have struck gold. Looking forward to hearing from you all Xxx

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    I don't really have acanthosis nigricans so I can't speak to aloe's effects on that, but I do know from experience that aloe is good for the skin. I have one at home that I keep on hand for the occasional burn from the stove or sun. I've found it's great for dry skin as well. I get really dry skin to the point it sometimes cracks and it helps a lot. If you're going to be using it topically, I would suggest growing your own as there are more nutrients in fresh. You can just snap off a piece as needed.

    Aloes are one of the easier houseplants to grow. Just provide it with adequate sunlight, water very sparingly and repot or prune as needed. I started out with one tiny plant 3-4 years ago and it's now about to outgrow a 5 gallon planter. Every year, it grows 4-6 babies and I repot them to give as gifts.

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    Dunno abt AN, but non-PCOSers have certainly been benefited with pigmentation by drinking aloe vera juice and applying the gel. It has been more than a month that I am into it. Haven't observed my AN improvements (now who's gonna look into those nooks n corners?? ), if at all there is any, its too less to be observed. Direct application of aloe vera has certainly helped me with back acne scars. Have been applying it to my back since 2.5 months... won't say that it is a miracle eraser but yes they have remarkably reduced... will also try on AN n let u kno...

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