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    Default TSH above 75... need other tests?

    Hello all,
    I was wondering... my doctor took one look at my TSH number (above 75, I guess the lab here doesn't list the exact number above this point) and said I definitely have severe hypo, gave me drugs, and said to find an endo when I move across the country next week and have them check my new levels in six weeks. Of course, now that I have time to process, I'm worried that she didn't really test or look at anything else. My prolactin was normal (which I guess sometimes they test to check for pituitary issues?), but other than that, she said my TSH was so wacked that there was no need right now to bother with other tests. Do you think this is okay until I find and meet with an endo?
    Thanks for any direction you can give me.

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    I think it's a very good thing that she gave you something herself, and didn't just tell you to talk about it with your new doctor. Good for her. I think once you meet your Endo s/he will take care of whatever bloodwork has yet to be done. I wouldn't worry about it for now. I hope you feel better soon, I'm only borderline hypo, so it's hard to imagine how miserable you must feel with a TSH that high. Keep us posted!
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    You'll want to have a Free T3 and Free T4 test done asap when you find an Endo but starting meds is a good idea.

    Free Ts should be in the upper 3rd range

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