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    Default Ideal Protein or Medifast?

    So, I can't afford to do either of these long term. However, I'm desperate. There are so many diets, and so many ways I can be healthier, but I just don't do it. I want to start TTC in about 3 months, and need to lose some weight before I do. So, I need something drastic. I only know a little bit about each of these, but is one better than the other? I'm only planning on doing either for maybe 2 months, and then I'll follow with weight watchers most likely.
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    Trying to lose weight to help my PCOS symptoms before TTC#2 in the fall.

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    I would have done an alternative IP (my own protein! Aka cheap!!) Have you been to 3FC? they have an active IP and Medifast board 

    Here are the links! I'm MrsH2132012 on there 

    I did not do IP as is restricts too much for the meds I am currently on  but I would have loved to!
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    Have a look at the insulin resistance diet. It will only cost you the price of the book and it has worked amazingly well for me and others with pcos. There's a thread on it here in diet and exercise.
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