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    Default Hirsutism Treatment: Spironolactone + Beyaz?

    Here is my latest post on hirsutism. I visited my GYNOs office today and was taken off of Lo loestrin FE and given BeYaz. Apparently it is a stronger estrogen based birth control. The major issues will be increasing potassium levels and some blood clotting. She will be keeping a close eye on my development with this new birth control. I also have a new pic of my horrible neck without hair! Not pretty, but hey: hirsutism aint pretty! Enjoy the read!
    I'm a chic with unwanted facial hair too! You are not alone! Read my story and more at: Hidden Content
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    I took Yasmin (which I believe is very close to Beyaz and Yaz - sister pills I think) for 6 months, and then was switched to Loestrin. When I was on Yasmin, the hair on my face basically disappeared. It became so thin and light that I barely noticed it. I usually wax/thread, and while I was on Yasmin, I didnt even have to touch it. It also really helped with the body hair as well. It was still there, and dark, however the growth was much slower and thinner. I wax my body hair as well, so after I would wax, I could go 2 weeks without any growth at all - which for me was amazing! Usually my hair starts to show within about 4-5 days.

    I did have other issues with Yasmin though. I got acne along my jaw line. It was only 1 or 2 pimples a month, but they were monster pimples. I couldnt pop them, because they were those hard red ones. Also, I had issues with arousal and lubrication.

    My doctor then switched me to Loestrin FE because of the potassium and clotting issues, and all the hair came back. However, I didnt have the arousal or lubrication issues, and my skin cleared up too.

    I guess there is always trade offs between bcp's.
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