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    Default What is the best way to get rid of short, coarse facial hair?

    I've been shaving my face for what seems like forever. I have thick, coarse hair on my upper lip, chin, neck, and sideburns and I am getting sick of shaving! What is the most effective way of getting rid of it? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chardale View Post
    I've been shaving my face for what seems like forever. I have thick, coarse hair on my upper lip, chin, neck, and sideburns and I am getting sick of shaving! What is the most effective way of getting rid of it? Thanks!
    If you read similar threads on this board you'll find that there's no one answer that suits everyone.

    However, here's my take on it.

    1. Nothing's guaranteed to be permanent if you don't get your hormone balance into the typical female range and keep it there.

    2. Some of us have been sensitized -- in the first three months of fetal life -- to respond to testosterone in the same way males do. The effect of that is that if in adult life we're exposed to even moderate amounts of testosterone we're likely to have at least some moustache and/or beard growth, though not necessarily as much as a typical male would.

    3. Some of us develop moustache and beard growth little or no different from that of a typical male. For those of us with that sort of growth we need to realize that it's very different from a few straggly hairs at the outer edges of some other woman's upper lip.

    4. Electrolysis can give almost permanent results if hormones are kept within the range considered normal for females, but is very expensive indeed, can cause scarring and is extremely slow. Usually most suitable for very limited areas such as the moustache and possibly the chin.

    5. Laser can give long-term hair reduction, but relies on a good contrast between dark hair and lighter skin. It can burn. It is not usually permanent. It isn't nearly as effective unless hormones are under control. It doesn't work for everyone. However it is quick and many women swear by it.

    6. Methods which remove hair by the root -- plucking, waxing, threading, mechanical epilation, sugaring etc. These can be very effective when the hair growth is fine. However hair growth on the face can sometimes be so coarse that the hair can't be removed without tearing out flesh too. There are also problems in that removing hair that way can send a rush of hormone-laden blood to the area and stimulate other follicles into coarse growth, and that the hair must be long enough for it to be gripped before it can be removed, which means that where the growth is heavy and coarse the existence of moustache and beard growth will be very obvious immediately before an attempt is made to remove it.

    7. Depilatory Creams etc. can be quite effective if the hair growth is very fine and you have very tough skin. However they can cause severe burns and are generally ineffective for coarse hair.

    8. Abrasive pads -- fine if you don't mind sandpapering your face, but not generally effective for serious facial hair.

    9. Shaving -- doesn't cause increased hair growth and doesn't damage the skin. The least invasive way of hair removal. In my view the best way of dealing with male-type moustache and beard growth. Don't even try using "women's" electric razors, they're not designed to deal with that sort of growth. Electric razors designed for use by men are fine -- but learn about how to use them effectively. With wet razors, technique is all-important and many women find that blade razors sold for use by men are significantly more effective than those sold for use by women. Again, learning effective shaving technique makes all the difference to the results you get.

    You don't say how frequently you have to shave your face -- if it's three or more times a week, the chances are that your best bet is to try to perfect your shaving technique.

    If your moustache and beard growth is completely dark, then laser is worth considering as a partial answer.

    You may notice I haven't mentioned Vaniqa cream -- it slows down beard growth a bit, but you'll still have to continue removing the hair some other way. However it's very expensive and it's time-consuming.

    I myself find that shaving every morning with a men's-type electric razor takes much less time than cleaning my teeth and because it's part of my daily routine I don't even really have to think about it.



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