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    Lightbulb Conceive Easy / Fertibella

    Hi Ladies. I just wanted to share a natural, holistic remedy that worked for me. My doctor had suggested I go the Metformin route, but I don't like putting synthetic chemicals into my body, so I researched a natural supplement called Fertibella or Conceive Easy. Here is some info about that in case you are in a similar boat, not wanting to go on BCP's, insulin, or the Metformin...

    Side Effects:


    Duration It Took Me To Get Pregnant:

    2 Months (I had previously been ttc on my own for about 5 yrs)


    Free trial, 20 Free Ovulation/Pregnancy Tests, Free Basal Body Thermometer
    After first 30 days: $40/month

    Where To Buy: or


    angelica sinensis
    This herb is used by herbalists for the female reproductive system, as they believe that it is a
    uterine tonic and hormonal regulator. It is often used in premenstrual syndrome formulas as well as menopausal formulas.

    glycyrrhiza – licorice
    It is considered demulcent (soothing to irritated membranes), expectorant (loosening and helping to
    expel congestion in the upper respiratory tract), and stimulates mucous secretions of the trachea.
    Other well-documented activities include significant antiinflammatory effects, a protectant effect on the
    liver against toxic substances and antiallergic activity.

    viburnum opulus

    This herb is often used for treating feminine problems like menstrual cramps, postpartum discomfort, preventing miscarriages and internal hemorrhages and is used as a uterine sedative also. Additionally,
    it has a reputation for lowering diastolic blood pressure because of a reputed action on smooth muscle, and is both a smooth and skeletal muscle relaxant and antispasmodic.

    Folic Acid

    Vitamin B9 (folic acid and folate inclusive) is essential to numerous bodily functions ranging from nucleotide biosynthesis to the remethylation of homocysteine. he human body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA as well as to act as a cofactor in biological reactions involving folate. It is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth. Both children and adults require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia. Folate and folic acid derive their names from the Latin word folium (which means “leaf”). Leafy vegetables are a principal source, although in Western diets fortified cereals and bread may be a larger dietary source. A lack of folic acid leads to folate deficiency (FD). This can result in many health problems, most notably neural tube defects in developing embryos. Low folate can also lead to homocysteine accumulation as a result of one carbon metabolism mechanism being impaired. DNA synthesis and repair are impaired and this could lead to cancer development.

    apis mellifica – european honey bee honey

    Antioxidant, antibacterial agent.


    iron is an essential component of proteins involved in oxygen transport. It is also essential for the
    regulation of cell growth and differentiation. A deficiency of iron limits oxygen delivery to cells,
    resulting in fatigue, poor work performance, and decreased immunity. On the other hand, excess
    amounts of iron can result in toxicity and even death.


    A vital bone building block. ***The vital ingredient in the process of triggering growth in the embryos
    could have been extra calcium in the surrounding fluid.***

    thyroidinum – dehydrated sheep thyroid

    Balances thyroid function. Should be taken with caution if on any other thyroid medication.


    Progesterone is sometimes called the “hormone of pregnancy”, and it has many roles relating to the development of the fetus:

    • Progesterone converts the endometrium to its secretory stage to prepare the uterus for
    • implantation. At the same time progesterone affects the vaginal epithelium and cervical mucus,
    • making it thick and impermeable to sperm. If pregnancy does not occur, progesterone levels will decrease, leading, in the human, to menstruation. Normal menstrual bleeding is progesterone withdrawal bleeding.
    • During implantation and gestation, progesterone appears to decrease the maternal immune response to allow for the acceptance of the pregnancy.
    • Progesterone decreases contractility of the uterine smooth muscle.
    • In addition progesterone inhibits lactation during pregnancy. The fall in progesterone levels following delivery is one of the triggers for milk production.
    • A drop in progesterone levels is possibly one step that facilitates the onset of labor.

    The fetus metabolizes placental progesterone in the production of adrenal steroids.

    paeonia alba

    Peony root is used to relax muscle and cleanse the blood. It is one of the most highly prized
    women’s herbs used traditionally to help regulate the female hormonal cycle and to tone up and
    purify the blood. It is used as a pain reducing agent and also as an emotional stabilizer for women.
    It is said to relieve cramps and spasms anywhere in the body. Peony root is also believed to extend
    life and to promote beauty.

    Panax Ginseng

    Promotes Yang energy, improves circulation, increases blood supply, revitalizes and aids recovery
    from weakness after illness, and stimulates the body.

    Juniperus Sabina:

    This one I find interesting. It is from the juniper bush (juniperus sabina) and is a symbol of fertility,
    however it was also the most common form of birth control in the middle ages and was often used
    to stimulate spontaneous abortion. I suppose in small amounts it might be used for its antioxidant
    properties, but I can’t find any information online about its usefulness for helping conception.

    agnus castus – chasteberry or vitex

    Agnus Castus has not been significantly investigated for its therapeutic effects. However, preliminary investigations do indeed show the presence of compounds which are able to adjust the production of
    female hormones. Studies have shown that extracts of Agnus castus can stimulate the release of
    Leutenizing Hormone (LH) and inhibit the release of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). This suggests
    that the volatile oil has a progesterone-like effect. Its benefits stem from its actions upon the pituitary
    gland specifically on the production of luteinizing hormone. This increases progesterone production and
    helps regulate a woman’s cycle. Agnus Castus may also regulate prolactin secretion. The ability to
    decrease excessive prolactin levels may benefit infertile women.

    antioxidant properties

    Para aminobenzoic acid

    Nutritional supplement that may help with absorbtion of folic acid. also known as PABA. Lots of hype
    about PABA, but not a lot of medically backed support for usefulness in treating infertility.

    Zinc gluconate (the gluconate helps the zinc’s absorbtion to your cells)

    Zinc is used by every cell in the body for both structural and energy producing functions. Zinc is also a precursor for many biochemical reactions and for protein production. One of the most important uses
    of Zinc in the body is for protein synthesis. With our proper amounts of zinc and protein synthesis,
    human development can be delayed during pregnancy, childhood or even adolescence.


    In humans, selenium is a trace element nutrient which functions as cofactor for reduction of antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidases and certain forms of thioredoxin reductase found in animals
    Sounds good to me. I started taking 1/day with meals, as directed.

    Good luck to all who are TTC!

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    Thanks for sharing. It seems everything has Vitex in it. Its super duper frustrating cause I break out in a rash when I take it. I truly appreciate you adding your experience here as many women will have success just because you have enlightened them. Thanks for sharing. Xoxoxo

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    Scary you never know whose praying on us with the hope of becoming pregnant
    If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!!!

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    Huh? More like... you never know who is praying FOR us with the hope that we become pregnant! God bless.

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    Never heard of this---thnk you

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